When the leaves start to fall, its that time of year to think about storing the golf cart. This may not be a problem in the south but here in the north, we have to retire the cart till the weather breaks in the spring.

Things You Will Need

distilled water
Baking Soda
Wood blocks
cleaning solution to clean the cart

Step 1

Clean the cart both inside and out. All the dust and dirt should be removed as nothing good can come with having gunk left on the cart for extended periods of time. The cart also needs to be cleaned on the inside. Specifically the golf cart batteries need to be cleaned.

Used Golf Carts Guide website recommends to use one cup of baking soda added to water to use as a cleaning agent to clean and neutralize the acids that may be on the outside of the battery.

Step 2

Once the batteries are clean, its time to fill the batteries with distilled water. The batteries should be filled to about 2 inches over the plates in the battery. It's important to clean the batteries first to keep from getting contaminates into the battery.

Step 3

The tires of the cart should now be filled with air. For those that have their user manual happy, follow their directions. Sometimes the golf cart tires will have the proper inflation amount written on the tire. In the absence of those two, put about 18-20 PSI into each tire.

Step 4

Make sure that the tires of the golf cart is blocked. This is needed because it is not recommended to store the cart with the parking brake engaged. With that not engaged, its best to make sure the cart does not move any other way.

Step 5

Cover the golf cart appropriate for how the cart will be stored. For those storing the cart inside, just a light wrapping is all thats needed. For those leaving the cart outside, its best to wrap the cart tightly to avoid letting the elements such as rain, wind and snow getting at the cart.
It only takes an hour or less to get a cart ready for winter. It is a great way to save money on repair bills the next season. Best of all the cost is quite minimal.

Tips & Warnings