Learn How to Winterize your Roses for Winter in the Northeast based on my own Personal Experience.

Things You Will Need



General Garden tools


Step 1

Gather up your Hand pruners, A pair of Gloves, a Shovel, a Rake , A wheelbarrow, and some Good Mulch Like Cypress,Pine Bark, Cedar or a Hardwood Blend will do.

Wait for the Ground to FREEZE, Hopefully any Rodents have already found Shelter for the winter

Step 2

Find your Roses, Hopefully they're not Buried in the leaves, which should be raked up before winterizing your Roses, I have found that leaves Harbor to many Bad insects, Molds and other assorted Nasties, not beneficial to the overall health of Roses, in my Garden

Wait for the ground to freeze

nothing more tempting than a nice pile of mulch for the little rodents to nestle in , for the winter.

Step 3

Remove ALL leaves from the Plant, if there are any left on it, just pull them off. Prune Back to Approximately 8-12" from the crown or graft ( thats the Knobby thing at the bottom of the plant) cut 8-12" above that Knobby thing. there is no need to seal the cut ends, they will heal naturally.


Wait for the ground to freeze or be Partially frozen to prevent insects, disease or rodents from over-wintering with your roses.

Step 4

Clear away all leaves from the base of the Pruned plant , and Make a PILE of MULCH about 1/3rd of a 2 cubic foot bag or more , literally covering the entire Plant, I have chosen a Cedar Mulch, only Because of the Natural Repellent to insects, but I have used other Mulches , and they're fine also.

I have tried ,Rose Cones Usually made of Styrofoam , but have found that they make a Great Mouse House , and with the uneven temperatures, hot and cold , day and night, they promote to much Mold , and generally makes it a guessing game of when to remove them in the spring.

By just using a Pile of Mulch , its Easy to see when they leaf out in the Spring , But Don't uncover them too Early either , I usually wait until about mid May and then spread out the mulch around them for the Summer.

Tips & Warnings

Wear Gloves, Most Roses have Thorns