When it comes to shelving in general there isn't a better material to make it from than wire. Wire shelving is easy to clean, lets light and air into the space surrounding it and is very affordable. The individual seeking to expand the shelving space in an apartment, garage or home should take a hard look at the different varieties of modular wall shelving and how it can add decorative pizzazz and practical storage solutions to any space. Of course, the residential area is not the only area of human activity that can benefit from the insertion of this type of shelving. There is plethora of warehouse shelving and industrial wire baskets that is designed to support thirteen hundred pounds to sixteen hundred pounds of materials placed on them. In both cases, the assembly of the individual wire components or modules can be accomplished by using simple hand tools.

In the case of laundry rooms or bathrooms that need shelving space there are many different form of wire storage baskets, stackable wire baskets and hanging wire baskets that can serve to store appliances, clothes, boxes and plants. The inherent sturdiness and durability of wire makes it the near perfect materials for storage units in high traffic area. Additionally, the production of wire storage modules is so industrialized now that it is possible to custom order it in any shape or size imaginable, which makes it adaptable to every inch of the contemporary residential area or office space.

There can be no question about the feeling of satisfaction derived by organizing the inevitable clutter that mounts with each passing day in a consumer-driven economy. The items that appear in offices and homes have never been more numerous simply because there are more of them to purchase. For this reason the selection of small wire baskets, wire fruit baskets and wire mesh baskets is practically endless. The biggest problem with wire shelving is making a choice about which one to purchase or coming to the conclusion that an entire host of wire mesh shelves would be the most intelligent and practical option.

Of course, for those with industrial spaces needing industrial strength wire baskets or shelving there may also be a need for mobility of these wire storage units. In order to address this need there are many wire basket carts that come coated with damp-resistant substances and wheels attached to the bottom. These coated three tier and four tier shelving units are perfect for restaurant kitchens that are populated with large dishwashing machines that create moisture. Of course, the wheels on the bottom of this heavy duty mobile wire shelving make it easy to roll against a flat wall when the work is over for the day.

The same convenience of mobility also applies to homes and particularly to bathrooms. Imagine how easy it would be to move a four-tier wire shelf filled with potted plants around to catch stronger lighting from various windows if the storage modules are stacked on wheels. Obviously, the ease associated with moveable wire storage systems, corner wire shelving, chrome wire shelving or black wire shelving (yes, wire shelves and wire baskets come in colors) is certainly desirable in every living environment. Another truly wonderful feature of wire as a material for shelving is that it can accommodate the integration other materials such as glass into the final product. Frankly this marriage of wire and glass can be a real show stopper.

One example of wire and glass shelving is a wall-attached slab of tempered glass is held in place by extremely thin micro-wire threads. It appears as if the glass shelf is actually floating in space without any support at all. As a result it helpful to think about shelving for the home or office space in terms of how these two materials can be combined to produce an effective support platform of objects while generating an aesthetically pleasing presence.

It is fairly simple to hang a glass and wire wine bottle rack, for example, but care must be taken since the damage resulting from having the unit become unattached from the wall because the screws were not in a wall stud is something to be avoided at every turn. The possibility of having the wire and glass shelving system installed in the bathroom is ample reason to make sure the unit is securely bolted into or screwed into wall joists both above the shelving and below for optimal safety and security.

Since the useful and attractive possibilities of wire mesh shelving and glass shelves are limited only by the imagination, the individual wishing to enliven their work environment or residential area should take a long look at how these materials can bring light and air along with sturdy flat surfaces to a room without costing an arm and a leg. Also, for those persons needing positive solutions to industrial dilemmas that involve large amount of moisture or dust, the industrial wire shelving is a real answer that can increase productivity without destroying the equipment budget. As industrial techniques advance into the future, the array of design choices for wire and glass shelving will grow even greater and more reliable. Of course, as more of these modules are installed the more attractive they become and the more they will be appreciated. The difference that wire shelving can make to even a dark room is something that has to be experienced to be understood. Further, when that corner wire shelving is joined to frosted glass shelves the effect is one that is definitely futuristic and outright fun. The possibilities of this cutting edge shelving solution are simply endless.