If you are contemplating buying a keyboard for gaming, however are unsure as whether to go wired or wireless, then the following 'tongue in cheek' debate - 'Wire Vs Wireless Keyboard for gaming' - should be able to give you a clearer overview as to which way to go. You may know of a rather common debate amongst gamers between playing with a wired or a wireless gaming mouse, well there are similar advantages and disadvantages for wired and wireless gaming keyboards also (and it is important to bear in mind that with each model, cordless or corded, comes with its very own unique set of pros and cons), which will be discussed in more detail below. However, ultimately the choice is down to you, what may appeal to you as a disadvantage someone else may disregard -- you may prefer the feel of a wireless to a wired and vice versa, so do be sure to check them out.

The Wired Gaming Keyboard

Better Responsiveness - The argument put forward for a wired gaming keyboard over that of a wireless gaming keyboard is the 'better' response time -- giving you a in-game edge over wireless keyboard gamers. Some wireless keyboard gamers have found issues with lagging and unresponsiveness to complex key combinations -- as well as even simple commands getting ignored. However, there is a debate as to the true extent of such a 'lag', it will primarily depend on the models you are comparing as well as the game in play.

Mechanical Gaming Keyboards - many serious gamers prefer the mechanical keyboard key infrastructure -- however there isn't a wide range of wireless mechanical gaming keyboards (I personally only know of the XArmor U9W to be both wireless and mechanical - let me know if there are others), so in this aspect if you are wanting a wide range of mechanical gaming keyboards to choose from, you are likely to have to go wired.

Aren't Crippled By Batteries - also with a wired gaming keyboard, there is no need to worry about batteries suddenly failing on you mid way through an intense gaming session, with all the shops suddenly closing -- so you have to wait until tomorrow to continue -- not good. There is also the constant cost of replacing them, which could be solved in essence with rechargeable batteries -- still a bit of a nuisance.

The Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Nice and Tidy - many of the wireless gaming players like to point to the 'cluttering up of the desk' a wired keyboard causes, which is fair enough -- however do you want to win the game or do you want your desk to be tidy? Wireless gamers may well answer 'both'.

Range and Mobility - of course being attached to a wire you are rather limited as to where you operate from, whereas with a wireless keyboard you are much more mobile and can operate from almost anywhere in your room. However, when do you really need to go to the opposite end of the room to start gaming?

Wired or Wireless Keyboard for Gaming?

In my own personal opinion if you want to give yourself every advantage possible in-game, then a wired keyboard is the way to go, you will find that many of the top of the range gaming keyboard such as the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate are corded anyway, so they are likely to be models that coincide with other features you require from the keyboard for gaming. However, you may feel that you get a better feel for a wireless keyboard than that of a wired model, therefore that is better for your own gaming performance. If you have any further points -- either for or against the wired or wireless keyboard, then I encourage you to  share a comment below.

The Debate: Wire Vs Wireless Keyboard for Gaming -- Which do You Prefer?