If you are contemplating purchasing a gaming mouse but don't know whether to either go wired or wireless for gaming, well don't fear you have come to the right place. There are pros and cons to both wired and wireless mice (and bear in mind that each model will have its own set of unique strengths and weaknesses), which will be discussed below -- but the list is only really 'tongue in cheek' as ultimately certain preferences will appeal to you more than others. Whether you purchase a wired or wireless mouse for gaming is really up to you, but hopefully the following debate of wired vs wireless will give you a more informed view on the matter.

The Wired Mouse Vs The Wireless Mouse for Gaming

The Wireless Gaming Mouse

No Problem of Mobility -- probably the most obvious factor of a cordless gaming mouse is the fact there is no cable that prevents and limits movement, which could very well be in a gaming scenario the difference between life and death. This being said, a lot of the wired mouse players often state that such an opinion is overrated and very rarely has such an occurrence arisen where the cord interrupted their gaming play.

Another positive is you aren't limited to a certain length like you are a corded mouse -- you can play it from the opposite side of the room if you wished. But, do you really need to? Where as to some gamers, it is simply an annoyance that you have to drag around the cable when gaming whilst it clutters up the desk space, however to others it may just be of a slight hinderance, if one at all.

The Wired Gaming Mouse

A lot of the gamers who prefer wired mice for gaming, point to the fact that the cordless gaming mouse often lags in game play and the wired mouse gives you that extra edge for being faster and more prominent in movement. This, however is disputed by wireless mice players as not being true in many cases. Ultimately, it will depend on the exact models that are being compared but I recommend that you try out both and see if you can notice whether there is a difference, and if there is not this won't be an issue for you, if you do notice, does it bother you?

The negatives of batteries -- with a corded gaming mouse there is no need to buy batteries and worry about battery life unlike that of a wireless mouse. This is again disputed on the grounds that many of the wireless mouse have rather large battery life and the simple purchase of rechargeable batteries makes the cost rather negligible. Although, it can't be a great feeling, when you are half way through a game and the mouse decides to cut out on you?

On balance wired gaming mice are often cheaper and more cost effective than that of wireless gaming mice, however again that is down to the individual as they may feel that the wireless mouse offers more and hence is worth that extra cost.

Let me know what you prefer, the wired or wireless mouse for gaming?