Every parent's worst nightmare is that they put their baby down in the crib for a nap in the nursery, only to return from doing various things around the house to find their baby either hurt or missing completely. The constant fear of something happening can cause a parent to feel a permanent heightened level of stress. This can make it difficult or impossible for them to sleep, and drive them to have to check on the baby every few minutes to make sure he or she is okay.

This is one of those cases where technology can provide the answer, specifically in the form of a wireless baby monitor. When you use a wireless baby monitor, you will be free to hear and possibly see everything that is going on in the nursery from your location somewhere else in the house. This can give you the freedom to trust that your baby is okay and the security that you will know instantly if something is wrong.

While a basic baby monitor is fine for many people, there are a few tips you can follow to make them even more useful.

Two Way Communication
Using a wireless baby monitor as a walkie talkie for two way communication may not be the most exciting prospect for your new hardware, but it can still be very useful. Using the two way communication functionality allows you to soothe your baby with your voice from afar as you head back to the nursery, and it can help you guide an inexperienced spouse through changing a diaper or performing some other unfamiliar task.

Special Functions
You may find during your shopping that certain models have a variety of extra features that may seem entirely useless at first, such as the mute function or the vibrating alarm. After all, the idea is to let you listen to the nursery. However, you may find yourself in a position where there is a loud noise and you are unable to hear the audio, or you want to turn the audio down for some reason. The vibrating function will silently alert you of any sounds over a certain decibel level or any large movements. This can silently alert you that something is wrong.

Video Surveillance
You can do a great deal more with the camera unit on your wireless baby monitor than simply watch your baby sleep. It gives you the functionality of a rudimentary surveillance system. This can be an invaluable function if you have a child that is determined to escape from the crib or another child who likes stealing his or her sibling's toys.

Some newer models even have night vision functionality, so you can continue monitoring even when all the lights are off.

While a baby monitor can give you a great peace of mind that there are no catastrophic happenings befalling your baby while you are in the kitchen or the yard, they are no replacement for a responsible parent. A wireless baby monitor will allow you to get some work done or relax while you are safely assured that your child is sleeping, direct parental supervision remains vitally important in the safety and well being of the baby.