If you are one of the millions of parents who has a child that suffers from nocturnal enuresis (nighttime bedwetting) then you already know some of the anxiety that can come with this sleep disrupting condition. Enuresis can be caused by several things including: genetics, heavy sleeping, UTIs, below normal sized bladder, stress and/or anxiety, slow or developmental disabilities as well as a number of other factors but it is not considered behavioral problem or the product of laziness.

For most children that suffer from nighttime incontinence it is merely a phase that they go through while the body develops and matures and will often pass by the age of 6. For kids that continue to have issues with urinating in their sleep, for reasons other than an underlying medical condition, there are products that offer a means to treat and overcome nighttime enuresis. One such product is a bed wetting alarm system.

Wireless alarm to stop bed wettingA bed wetting alarm system can be used with boys and girls and they can be found from many different manufacturers and in many different styles and models which include both wired and wireless. For the purposes of this article we will discuss the Anzacare DRI eclipse wireless remote Sensor bedwetting treatment alarm. 

Many of the bed wetting alarms you find on the market are two-part devices where one part attaches to the underwear, mini pad or pull up to detect wetness and the other part attaches the collar of the pajama shirt or gets placed somewhere at the top of the bed, depending on how long of a cord they have. The Anzacare DRI eclipse alarm for bedtime accidents is a little different. It is also a two-part system but both pieces are wireless. The urine detecting sensor is a small wire free unit that is placed inside the underwear and the alarm, which is also wireless, gets placed on the nightstand or site table and does not require being attached to the child's clothing or on the bed where it can easily be knocked off.

This nighttime enuresis treatment system is battery-operated and will emit an alarm as soon as the sensor detects wetness, often just as your child starts to pee. This alarm is intended to wake the child, but early on and especially for heavy sleepers may require some additional assistance from the parent until the child gets accustomed the system. An alarm system of this nature helps train your child's body to wake up when they have to use the bathroom to eliminate nighttime bed wetting.

Product Features

  • Easy to Use
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Wireless
  • On-Off Control
  • Fully Enclosed Waterproof Sensory Case
  • Internal Battery with the Estimated 2 to 3 Year Life Expectancy
  • Some See Results or Improvement in As Little As 1 to 2 Weeks

For the price you are likely paying for laundry, pull-ups, bed pads , plastic sheets and mattress protectors not to mention the toll it can take on your level of stress and your child's self confidence - bed wetting alarm systems, such as the Anzacare DRI Eclipse which costs right around $120 and can be purchased discretely online, may help save you money and some sanity in the long run. This option for treatment of nighttime incontinence does not require a doctor's prescription or even a doctor's recommendation but if you do not know what is causing your child to wet the bed at night speak to their pediatrician to ensure it is not the cause of an underlying medical condition.

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