Wireless Bluetooth keyboard sales of the Logitech wireless bluetooth keyboard and accompanying mouse and the Microsoft branded product maintain a sizeable share of the market. A wireless device such as the Apple model, utilizes bluetooth wireless technology to send information. The cable-free design of cordless keyboards frees up writing table space, as with the Apple wireless keyboard. The Apple model has a compressed design and runs on two batteries.

Flexible Keyboard
The flexible wireless Bluetooth keyboard is an interesting idea. It’s a little bit baffling too-after all, aren’t computer keyboards by nature destined to be hard (a board is hard)?
Apparently some daring designer had decided to test the market and the waters (in more ways than one) by designing a tool that not only was bendable but also washable.

The device is made of high value silicon. This makes it very supple but also allows it to be tough, so that the flexible computer keyboard can travel with you in your laptop bag to any location. The foldable silicone product can even be utilized when out in a motorboat.

The keys of the flexible Bluetooth keyboard are also soft, so that you can type silently without bothering anyone, which gives it a distinct advantage in an environment where silence is key-such as in a hospital or library, or when doing late night authoring. It keeps you from upsetting your partner with the sound of tapping late into the night.

Guilt free eating is one of the advantages of using the flexible tool. For those people who are keen on eating around their computers it’s a dream come true. You don’t have to think about scraps getting caught between the keys, or juice spilling and messing up the delicate electronic components. The non-rigid silicone material is water resistant and can be kept dirt-free by wiping it down with soap and water.

 The soft keys of this hardware are also better, ergonomically, than traditional keyboards because they lessen pressure on the hands. Flexible layouts tend to have a low-rise design, which allows the wrist to bend less while typing. The concave keypad encourages fast, precise strokes with less stress on the hands.

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