We all know what a hard drive is, but are you familiar with the wireless hard drive? This is great for anyone who hates messing with cables and plugging in devices. It also enables you to access your data from several wireless devices.

Now you can share your videos, music, and photos from your computers at home to your wireless hard drive. These devices are are easy-to-use, set-up is a breeze, and provides you a powerful network storage.

Iomega Home Media 1TB Network Attached Storage

  • Simple to use with a 3-step set up; just plug in your router, power on, then install the software CD, and you're done
  • Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, along with with a high-performance processors
  • iTunes Server to store your audio files all in one location, and share it across your iTunes players
  • UPnP AV Media Server
  • Expandable storage by connecting to an external USB hard drive
  • Data protection with the EMC Retrospect HD backup software
Apple Time Capsule (AirPort Extreme Plus 1TB Storage)
  • Introducing Time Capsule, which is automatic wireless backup for the MAC
  • Continuous, one-click backup
  • Works wireless with the Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard
  • 1 TB hard drive designed for Time Machine
  • Full-featured AirPort Extreme Base Station
  • Works with the Mac and the PC
TRENDnet Wireless 1-Bay IDE Network Storage Enclosure
  • Perfect for adding storage
  • 802.1 1b/g storage server
  • Supports advance wireless security options
  • Provides secure wireless network storage
Western Digital MyBook World Edition 1TB Network
  • Continuous and automatic backup for all the computers in your home
  • Centralize all the digital content for the whole family
  • Remote access
  • Stream your digital media anywhere in your home
  • Works with Mac and Windows computers
  • Back up files on your laptop without ever thinking about it again
  • Access to your data no matter where you are
  • Simple file recovery
  • Best-in-class performance
  • iTunes server support
  • Equipped with WD drives using WD GreenPower technology, which uses less power and delivers great performance
A Wireless Hard Drive is a great boost to technology in the home, making your life a bit simpler, never having to worry about losing your data, or important audio and video files. So convenient to have everything in one central location, no more transferring files from on computer to another with the annoying thumb drive, like I have done in the past. This is such good news for those who have multiple computers in the home.