At some point just about everyone has considered the purchase of a home security system. Sometimes the thought is Fake Security Signbrought on by friends or neighbors who have passed on information of a string of recent burglaries or maybe someone you know was a victim of this horrible crime. Many new parents also feel the need to protect their home and growing family from a home invasion. What ever the reason may be if you feel the need to protect your home there are many options to choose from, like the companies on TV commercials claiming to be best home security system money can buy to the do it yourself home security system at the local hardware store. All work, some better than others but there is no reason to spend a fortune when you can purchase some of the best wireless house alarms for under a hundred dollars. In next few paragraphs this article will attempt to outline some of the best models of wireless house alarms available and where they can be purchased.


Wireless House Alarms for Under $10.00


Good wireless house alarms can be purchased for as little as $10.00 depending on what you are wanting to protect. Like the IVEA 2 Unit Door/Window Entry Magnetic Wireless Alarm System AB available through This do it yourself home security system can be installed in under a minute with two sided tape to any window or door it can even be attached to cabinets or drawers. Powered by three 1.5V LR 44 batteries this inexpensive system produces a 90 decibel alarms that can easily be heard throughout the entire house. This might not be ideal for your whole house but if you only have a window or two it can’t be beat.

The GE 50246 Smart Home Door Stop Alarm is another example of wireless house alarms for under $10.00. The door stop alarm is exactly what it sounds like it’s a door stop with a pressure sensor. You place the door stop alarm behind a closed door if the door is opened it slides over the door stop and a 120 db alarm is activated. It has an on/off switch, low battery indicator and indicator light so you never have to worry if you batteries are going dead. Another great thing about this alarm is its mobility it can be taken with you anywhere you go. For example if you travel a lot and stay in hotels you can use your Smart Home Door Stop Alarm in your hotel room. How many other home security systems can do that?


Wireless House Alarms for Under $50.00


Now if the previous wireless house alarms where not exactly what you were envisioning when thinking of a do it yourself home security system then you might find these next few more suitable. Like the GE 51107 Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Kit with its four digit keypad door alarm that allows you to arm and disarm the alarm system and three window alarms. Other features include alarm delay to avoid false triggering, 120 db alarm and the when not in alarm mode the kit offers a chime setting for the door alerting you each time the door is opened.

The Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm and Chime Kit (2 Pack) is a simple alarm system for under $50.00. This system can be used at home or in a business is user friendly and helps save on monthly fees that other more expensive units require. It has a 2 in 1 motion sensor alarm and chime, a piercing alarm, and is wall mountable. The two pack includes two motion sensors and four remotes. Both of these products are available through and have very good reviews.


Wireless House Alarms for Under $100


If you prefer to be able to see what you’re buying before you purchase the Security Man Air-Alarm1 Do It Yourself Wireless Alarm System Kit is available at Walmart has well as many online retailers. The Security Man is a user friendly do it yourself home security system that comes with everything you would need for a secure home. The system supports up to 60 wireless sensors, will alert you by phone and can be armed or disarmed by phone, a great home security system by anyone’s standards.


Faking a Home Security System


For people who just don’t want to spent any more time or money than necessary and just does not what the hassle of alarms or changing batteries or any other part of wireless house alarms you can take the easy route and fake a home security system. It might not be the most secure but it does work a deterring unwanted visitors. There are a number of fake security window stickers, yard signs, keypads and even fake video cameras available. Like the Imitation Security Camera set of two, the Home Security Sign Red Badge PACM with Post and 6 Security Alarm Static Cling Stickers all available online for less that fifty dollars.

As you can see wireless house alarms do not need to be expensive or complicated and do it yourself truly means just that with the systems mentioned above. This list is by no means exhaustive so look around and you are sure to find home security system that protects your home and wallet.