In this article you can find information on three products which belong to the category of "wireless keyboard with built in mouse".

The first product is "Logitech Dinivono Edge-2". This product has eighty four normal keys and nine function keys. This product contains everything that you need. The thickness of this keyboard is only 11 millimetre. This reduces the space used by it. The availability of nine function keys is another speciality. The keys are very smooth and come in an innovative design. This key board is very convenient to use.

The use of Bluetooth technology ensures the wireless simple use from about 20 feet. To use short-cut keys there is no need of installing software. However it will be beneficial to use the software available with the product as it will help you know the battery level of the keyboard.
The other features of this product include: black finish, the lightning (orange black) and the palm rest.

This "wireless keyboard with built in mouse" can be bought online. This is an easy way of obtaining it without any problems.

The next product is the "iOne Scrpius N2T". This product also belongs to the category of the "wireless keyboard with built in mouse". The features of this product are mentioned below:
This keyboard has a long range. The mouse which is built-in is an optical trackball one. This is suitable for home theatre also. There are no problems in navigating from a distance of fifteen to twenty feet. The mouse contained in the keyboard is fast enough and the use of this mouse is very easy. The keys are black and the letterings in them are white. The operation range of this product is 33 feet. The ultra slim design is very attractive. The black and silver trim is very attractive. The technology used is 2.4GHz RF and has eight channels.

There are two standard buttons for the mouse. The key switches are of high quality and are of rubber membrane. This product does not consume much power and the operation performed without the directional limitation. There are two LED indicators and the Omni-directional control of cursor.
The next product which belongs to the category "wireless keyboard with built-in mouse" is the KB Wireless Mini Keyboard". The features of this product are given below:

The product has built-in mouse PS2 with it. This product has a total of sixteen hot keys and seven programmable keys. The access to multimedia is very instant. This also has the layout with 88-key.

Typing with these keys is very easy. The other multimedia functions include Email, Games, Television mode, Screen savers mode, internet etc.

Other features of this product include:

Infra-red wireless technology
Beige colour
Blue mouse button and hot key
PS/2 Receiver and has 2 ports
Works on 2 batteries (AA) (the batteries are not included with the product).

These are just popular examples of wireless keyboards with built in mouse. For more information you should look at product review websites and online retailers.