We all hate wires that gets entangled and end up in our way. Especially so when these involves laptops, and we wish to adhere to a minimalistic layout of electronic equipment. As a result, there is a desire for a good set of gaming wireless equipment, one of which is the mouse.

The best mouse in the market at the moment that is in its truest form a wireless device would be the razer mouse called the Mamba.

Following the razer trend of naming their mice after snakes and related animals e.g. razer diamondback mouse, the mamba is according to wiki, of the genus dendroaspis are fast moving and land dwelling snakes of Africa, literally tree snakes. There are green ones and black ones, of course this gaming mice happens to be set in black. They also pack a poisonous punch, just as you would if you play competitive games with this mouse!

Like the snake, the mouse allows you to move fast and strike fast, and with vengeance. It is in an ergonomic shape set in deep black with light blue lights at the sides and at the scroll wheel. It also has on the fly sensitivity change and on board memory. On the fly sensitivity allows you to change how much your mouse cursor moves on the screen compared to how much you physically move your mouse. As for the 'upgraded razer synapse onboard memory', it enables you to store more profiles and longer macro strings onto the mamba and take it anywhere.

The extra premium to be laid out for this particular mouse will have to with the gaming grade wireless technology that frees you from the cable, and splits it into two modes, one with the mouse connected to the cable to your computer, and the other freely wireless.

Its quality when connected is of course undeniable; it has a sensitivity of 5600 DPI when connected. It has a weight of 129g.

How about when it is free of its tethered cable? You get about 7 hours of solid use but takes about a fraction of that, an hour or two to recharge. It is the best wired mice out there so far. It plays as if it is wired

With its slick design and good engine, this is a must have if you can afford it. If you can't there is always the infobarrel on cheap gaming mouse.