The history of Wisconsin changed a lot from 19th century to present day, especially the economy. The main reason why it has changed is the technology. Technology keeps on changing and becoming more advanced. Another reason why the economy isn't booming and times are really tough, economy always has its ups and downs.

Economics first started off way back in the 19th century, and basically started in 1830 when it was open for white settlement and this doesn't include the Native Americans. This was 18 years before Wisconsin actually became a state. The only thing for economy back then was agriculture, and was mainly wheat. This was soon to be a booming economy.

In the 1800's mining also became a good contributor to the economy. Mining and agriculture was the only two big things that contributed to the economy at the time. Mining was really big at the time, this is the reason we have a miner on our Wisconsin flag. Mining continued to become a good contributor to the economy for years on.

On May 29, 1848 Wisconsin became the nation's 30th state. At this time our economy in Wisconsin was booming from Wisconsin becoming a state. During this time, papermaking began in Wisconsin, and started in Milwaukee. Paper mills were opening up, and this also helped boost Wisconsin's economy during this time.  Things seemed to be getting better financially during this time.

During the 19th century a lot came about and was invented. The biggest invention in this time was the railroad tracks and the steam engine train. This was open and started to be used in 1851, and started building in 1847. This was a huge deal for transportation from city to city; this was the only transportation that was actually quick and easy.  Could you imagine relying on the steam engine train these days?  I don't think anyone would have enough patience for it.

Wisconsin economy has changed a lot in just one century. Help make the economy better in not only Wisconsin, but other states in the United States of America as well. You can most definitely make a difference.

Now that we are living in the 21st century, things have really changed.  Our economy has gone downhill even more and it isn't just in Wisconsin.  It has changed for the worse all throughout the US.  It is hard to find a job and it feels as though as the financial collapse is coming soon.  With the value of the paper dollar decreasing everyday, it feels as though the financial collapse could be any day now.  It is up to us as Americans and as team effort to make this country more stable.

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