Why Take Up Witchcraft?

magic circleCredit: http://merlinspath.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/403px-john_william_waterhouse_-_magic_circle.jpg

For the most part, I am asked this question because the querent truly doesn't understand why anyone would take up the taboo art and practice of witchcraft. At the same time, some of them are genuinely interested in how in the world I got to this point and why.

Once people open their minds and get past the principle that witchcraft is not evil, it's easier to explain why one would want to dabble in this ancient practice. When I am asked why I practice magick, I generally give several reasons. So if you're considering witchcraft for your own life, or are simply curious, here some examples of how witchcraft can really enrich your life.

1. Witchcraft Encourages Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is greatly lacking in our society, and the reasons are innumerable. We are constantly being beat down either by situations we place ourselves in, or the people we choose to surround ourselves with. Some of us do not even realize our self-esteem has been damaged by toxic relationships, so we continue on our path of self-destruction. 

In order to truly understand witchcraft and magick, a certain amount of personal development is required. In order to practice effectively, the practitioner must certainly believe in his or her capabilities. Personal power, and recognizing that power is key. Most books on the subject will tell you that. After all, how can one achieve anything one wants in life without the self-confidence to do so? Witchcraft encourages us to face ourselves, our demons, and really look inward to discover our inner power. While this is not easy for everyone to do, it opens up a world of new possibilities and a sense of awareness that was not present before. Effective spell-craft is obtained when the practitioner is in tune with his/her innermost desires.

You will often find people who have tried to work spells, and have ceased to practice magick because these spells failed. It is unlikely a result of witchcraft being "fake", but a result of the practitioner not fully understanding himself, or what he really wants. Doubt probably crept in, and doubt can bring walls crumbling down around you quite easily. Witchcraft, and successful spell work requires you to believe in yourself, and to know what you truly want to achieve. Once all of this is realized, self-esteem grows as a result. You will begin to find that as your confidence increases, it will extend beyond the realm of your witchy practices, and your entire life will become more colorful and meaningful. 

2. Witchcraft Develops Intuition

Intuition is such a huge part of who we are. Intuition/instinct is innate in all creatures, but humans have a special talent for tuning out or ignoring that inner voice. We consistently impede relations with our intuition in favor of other things we believe we should be doing, when more often than not, it's probably something that won't actually be good for us in the long run.

Intuition is an integral part of working magick, because you must learn to be in tune with that inner voice that you've probably been ignoring. If you only do magick in attempts to gain things that you don't really want or need, or falsely think you want or need, you will be disheartened and dissatisfied with the results of your spells. Nothing will change in a positive way until you learn to be in tune with your innermost desires. This concept certainly works hand-in-hand with the building of self-esteem. With witchcraft, you are building both intuition and personal power.

3. Witchcraft Reduces Stress

Believe it or not, the more you practice, the more your stress level will go down. As you get in tune with your true self, a significant amount of stress is automatically lifted. You'll realize you're no longer bound to the expectations or potential toxicity/negativity of others. That's already a huge load off your back; when you realize you are fine just the way you are, and you don't need everyone else's approval because you're in charge of your own life. That's pretty fabulous.

Witchcraft also requires some amount of meditation. You may not even realize it, but in casting your spells and focusing your intent, you are meditating. After all, the kind of concentration you need to project your intent to the Universe puts you in the present moment - not the past or the future. Humans spend a lot of time dwelling on either the past or the future, and rarely the present moment. Successful magick work requires you to get in touch with "the now" if you really want your wildest dreams to come true. Concentration is required to envision these dreams, and meditation certainly helps to clear the mind in order to focus on your goals. It's practically common knowledge these days that meditation can reduce stress. 

Every witch you run into will recommend some kind of meditative or visualization practice. Not only will you connect with yourself even more, but as you do, stress will melt away. When you cast spells, and your confidence and faith is in 100% in that spell, you are aware that you can rest easy, and the Universe will take care of things for you. You've made your wish, now all you have to do is wait. There's no more energy or effort you need to spend, and that alone is pretty comforting. The more engaged in your magickal practices you are, the less you worry. Your mind becomes healthier, and so does your body. 

Does Any Of This Sound Like Something You've Heard Before?

If it does, it's probably because you have either read/watched/heard of Rhona Byrne's work, "The Secret". Magick and witchcraft are very much a part of the law of attraction (although "The Secret" doesn't mention that directly). The principles are one in the same - and I would advise you to read the book or watch the movie if you haven't already. Witchcraft certainly invokes the law of attraction, and you are putting it into practice every time you cast a spell or do a meditation for a particular goal. So if you've indulged yourself in the concepts of "The Secret", you've already, in a way, started studying witchcraft and magick. When you use The Secret, you are using magick. Fancy that. 

So if you're considering witchcraft as a practice, I recommend reading "The Secret". If you are just here to try to understand more about what witchcraft can do for you, I recommend you continue learning beyond this article and really discover what this all means for you. There's nothing wicked about this practice, and it can truly transform your life into one of abundance and positivity.