Like Cleaner Barbecue Cooking?

We all think of having a great barbecue as soon as the beautiful spring flowers bloom and the sun turns those chilly days warmer. I find the best part of outdoor living is seeing the men cook on the barbecue.

How many times have you gone out for a picnic and found the barbecue has been left filthy. There is nothing more annoying than having to clean the barbecue before you can start cooking your own steaks. This really turns me of the joy of having a barbecue picnic.

But not to worry they now have BBQ heat sheets that allows you to enjoy your barbeue after all no matter how dirty the Barbecue is. No this is not rocket science it is very simple.

Whether you are out camping or at home cooking you will never have to clean a messy barbecue plate again with this idea.

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How to use BBQ heat sheets


First you have to go to your local supermarket or supplier and buy a BBQ heat sheet. I found mine in a Woolworth’s supermarket. And it did not cost the earth. It was under $12.

These look like a strong piece of Plastic.  Although it is a special type that will not burn even though you place it over a high heat.

With one of these BBQ heat sheets you will never have to worry again. Simply light the Barbecue and place your BBQ heat sheet straight onto the barbecue and start cooking.

How to clean your BBQ heat sheet

When you are finished simply rinse your BBQ heat sheet under the tap, or in a dish of water. Dry it off and roll up and put away into its original packaging and forget it until you need it again.

That sure beats having to clean the barbecue by scraping off the remnants of the burnt chicken before you can eat yours or leave it to go cold and make it even harder to clean. Before you know it might even have an infestation of cockroaches crawling around for their meal.

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This is ideal for a smokless indoor stovetop barbeque grill. You can fill the outer ring with water and it catches the juices and fat while cooking which also eliminates smoke and splattering.

Ideal to have that barbecue taste in the convenience of your kitchen.

Other benefits of using the BBQ heat sheet

These are a cheap investment and can be kept in a small place in the car or caravan ready to use at a moment’s notice.Its non stick surface makes cooking on a barbecue so simpleNo oil additive needed for cooking vegetables, rice and any types of meat or chickenNo messy cleanup after cooking and BBC heat sheet reusable time after timeMeat will still brown when cooked in this mannerThese are also approved for food use by FDA

You will no longer need to buy or use the following:

No more harsh chemicals or cleaning productsNo more butter or oils to cook withNo more aluminium foils trays or baking papersNo more scrubbing with scourers and scrapers

Instead of having to clean and scrub your barbecue you can just throw on the BBQ heat sheet and toss on the steaks, sausages or whatever you wish to cook knowing it can be cleaned up in no time. And the heat sheet will save you so much more time, money and energy by using it every time you have a barbecue.

This sounds too simple to be true but believe me it is so much easier to cook on any barbecue with one of these heat sheets laid on your barbecue before you start cooking. It is safe and easy to use does not reduce the flavour in any way. Caution: The manufacturer warns you not use this over a naked flame. I have used mine in a frypan on a fire with the corners over the edge of the pan and it still has not burned, so they must be tough.

Always leave it in the boot of your car so you are prepared to take it with you when you go out for a picnic to the beach or camp site. You will be amazed how easy it is to use and it will also be cleaner and safer to use on public barbecues.

These sheets are specially designed to prevent food burning and food from sticking to its surface. So don’t take my word for it go and try one of these little beauties yourself. You will not be disappointed.

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No matter what type of barbecue you have you still need a variety of cooking utensils to cook that fabulous steak.