New iPod Touch Features

With More iPod Features, This Changes Everything. Again.

If you were an extraterrestrial in the year 2010 up to now, you will see below the Earth would entirely obessesed with the new iPod Touch. Especially with the campaign sloagan: "This changes everything. Again." We all love this beautiful iPod so much that we're willing to buy another one. Believe or not, I too have fallen for the craze. I enjoy having an iPod especially with features such as:

iPod Touch Face TimeCredit: Apple, Inc.


FACE-TIME: Yes, the highly popularized feature of the new iPod Touch. Do you remember those old futuristic sci-fi movies where one of the characters open a phone and he would be able to talk to the person while looking at them in the face through his phone? Now, you can be that sci-fi character! Just call anyone (who has iPhone or anyone with an iPod Touch over Wi-Fi and there you go. You have Face Time.



Retina DisplayCredit: Apple Inc.

RETINA DISPLAY: You thought that the iPod was clearer before with its higher-resolution screen. Now it gets even clearer with its Retina Display feature. When I saw the screen, my eyes were blown. They added so many pixels into the screen that not even the human eye can distinguish it all. That's right, more ways for your iPod to blind you!




HD Recording and EditingCredit: Apple, Inc.


HD VIDEO RECORDING AND EDITING: Along with iMovie, you can shoot movies in HD and send them to your friends as if they were really there. No more "You should have seen it" and get used to hearing "Do you see it?"



Game CenterCredit: Apple, Inc.


GAME CENTER: What kind of iPod would it be if it didn't have games? What would a game be without players? Now you can get your friends (with iPod Touches) to play the game with you. Also, you can dominate you don't even know. So get in the game.



Music and TV iPodCredit: Apple, Inc.

MUSIC: It's not an iPod without music. Now you can hear it and even see it in different ways. With Cover Flow, you can see your music in a whole new light. With Genius, it can randomly select songs that go with songs you're listening to from your library.

MOVIES and TV SHOWS: Now you can just rent TV shows instead of being forced to buy them forever. You can also watch them on your high-resolution retina-display screen.

These are the beginning of the list of features of your iPod  touch. Hope this serves you well.