Over the course of the last year and a half, the actions of governments and corporations globally have made internet denizens painfully aware that they want to watch us. At first it started with the hackers trying to rob everyone, or hijack our computers for some nefarious reason. But now, copyrights protection, terrorism, national security, law enforcement, protection from identity theft, protection from porn and child porn, and many more reasons, are given for the corporate and governmental privacy invasions.

But exactly how is it that all these people get access to your data stream to gain so much data? One method they can use is called DPI, or Deep Packet Inspection…

The Data Stream

First, you need a basic understanding of how the internet transports data to and from your computer using the internet. So, think of your internet data stream as a cargo train. Along the length of your train there are thousands of boxcars, or packets. On the outside of each of these packets is a certain amount of information: destination, origination, and possible uses or applications involved. But on the inside are the actual requests, websites, emails, etc., and the “boxcar doors” are closed before transportation. Under normal circumstances, nobody would look into the boxcar.

Your Data Train

DPI Opens Your Boxcars And Looks In

And using the correct applications, can allow the DPI user to see every little detail of every thing you do on the internet…and this can happen virtually in real time. DPI will use the same type of application that was used to create the packet, if available, and display the packet contents to the user. The process is capable of invading emails, Skype, log in information including passwords, IM’s, virtually everything you do on the internet will be open to inspection. For the most part, right now, a warrant is required by most governments to invade someone’s privacy to this depth. But there are exceptions to this rule, and more governments are attempting to get this same power.

In The End, Your Privacy Is On You

Almost globally already, every internet customer has their connection logged by their ISP for law enforcement. The amount of time the records are kept varies, but virtually every ISP logs your connection. More and more governments are attempting to gain access to real time monitoring technologies without warrants, or real reasoning. Corporations have made agreements in the US outside of their customers being alerted as to their privacy policies changing. But a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, can keep the prying eyes out of your business.

Whether a free or paid provider, a VPN will place a tunnel for your train to move in, and will encrypt the boxcar contents to further protect your data. If they want to look at it now, they’ll have to spend months decrypting it…VPNReviewz has mountains of information on internet privacy, efforts to take it away, and solutions to keep the prying eyes out.