Make Sure You Look Like You Know What You Are Doing At Your Next Barbecue

Don’t make your next barbecue an amateur affair by stumbling around and making wasted trips back and forth to the kitchen.  If you want your guests to think that you know what you’re doing it doesn’t take much.  All you need is the right equipment in one, easy to access place, and you will definitely be the Iron Barbecue Chef of your neighborhood. With the right grill, utensils, cookware, and apparel you will be able to kick your next summer barbecue with ease.

The Grill

First off, you will need a good grill because you obviously can’t have a barbecue without a grill.  And it is time to get rid of that cheap single burner grill that you picked up a garage sale.  Your family and friends will be eating food that is cooked off of this grill and you don’t want them  afraid of getting salmonella or some other digestive illness because you are too cheap to have a quality grill.  Also, why splurge on that expensive cut of steak when all you’re going to do is grill it on a rust and mold infested grill.   Personally, I prefer the Traeger Texas Grill.  It is the Cadillac of grills.  The Traeger is equipped with a high-tech auger-fed burner, electronic auto start ignition, and an EZ-drain grease system. This grill automatically augers wood pellets to provide the exact temperature you set it to. So you never have to worry about the fire getting too low or too high. It is also finished with a durable powder coat finish making this a grill that lasts for the many years of grilling to come. Because of the air convection designed in this high-tech grills it cooks everything on the grill evenly, no matter how you place it on the grill, and there are no hot spots to cook around like a traditionally grill.  Also, a Traeger grill gives you the greatest versatile barbecue experience because you can use it as a grill, smoker, or wood fueled convection oven.  This versatility allows you to cook using a multitude of methods: 

  • Grilling: Fire up the heat and put that meat right over the fire
  • Barbecue: Slow to go.  Low heat for those big pieces of meat requires a lot time and attention.  With the Traeger, you never need to worry about your fire going out and losing the meat.
  • Braise: Want that rib meat to fall right off the bone?  Braise your meat in a pot right off your grill
  • Bake: Because of the fan in your Traeger, you can use the grill just like a convection oven which allows you to cook everything from pizza to cookies right off your grill
  • Roasting: It’s easy to get that Thanksgiving Turkey done in a Traeger
  • Smoke: The king of the barbecue cooking methods.  With the temperature controls, the Traeger insures that you smoke your barbecue perfectly every time.

This high-tech grill grills your meat with lots of power but still does it with great precision and it tastes magnificent.

Grilling Equipment

Next you need solid cookware. You will need spatulas, tongs, cooking forks, cooking knives, and brushes. On these items you really want to make sure they are sturdy, long-handled, and they need to be wide grip. All of this is so you can use your grill safely and effectively. You will also need bowls, plates, and platters. Make sure these are sturdy, durable, large, and they need to look good.  When you pick this stuff out you need to make sure you pick ones that are strong and large enough to hold a lot of food but also durable enough to be unaltered by those annoying drops and spills. Also when buying them you also want to buy ones that look nice enough that you would not mind seeing them for the barbecues to come. You will also need a basket and a bird stand. Baskets are metal baskets that are used to cook stuff that is too small to just set out on the grill. A bird stand is a stand to stand a whole chicken or turkey on a grill. 

 Fuel for the Grill

You will also need the right pellets for your Traeger grill. Look no further than the Traeger brand wood pellets. They come in 9 different flavors Alder, Apple, Cherry, Garlic, Hickory, Maple, Mesquite, Oak, and Pecan. These wood pellets burn at what ever heat you set them to. They smoke and grill with a great flavor. You will also need a Deluxe Interchangeable Branding Set. No artist releases his art into the world without putting a signature on it. The Deluxe Interchangeable Branding Set lets you brand the meat, so that you can stamp your signature on your works of art.  When you buy this stuff durability is the key because you do not want any of this to break from just normal use. So buy quality equipment that complements your grill.

Its All About the Style

Lastly you need to look and feel professional with the gear you wear from head to toe. For the hat you need a Zazzle King of The Grill Hat. This hat stakes your claim saying that you are the supreme overlord of grilling. For the apron you will need the Cafe Press I’m Flippin’ Awesome Apron. This apron shows that you are a master in the art of flippin’ burgers. This also is a symbol for how flippin’ awesome you are. Next you will need the Grillslinger Sport. The Grillslinger keeps all your tools of the trade conveniently around your waist. This lets people who you are ready to grill, and you mean serious business. So when you are looking for the great grilling apparel remember this fact. When you look professional, you feel professional, and so you grill like a professional.

To wrap it up, you will need the right grill, utensils, cookware, and apparel to throw a barbecue. So in order to kick your summer off right with a stellar barbecue, you need the right equipment, because professionalism is the key to a great barbecue.