Witless Protection DVD


I tried to think of one... but i couldn't


Jokes and gags are mostly racist, offensive or just plain bad.
The acting is worse than the jokes.
This movie actually goes on for 99 minutes.

Full Review

If I had to sum Witless Protection up in one word, I would use HORRIBLE! This movie was painful to watch from beginning to end, but I did it. It was like watching a train wreck, you just couldn't look away. The acting was god awful, but I doubt anyone could really have done anything with that script. The saddest thing I found was that Larry the Cable guy was fully believable in the character of the redneck. Now whether he was acting or just being himself is up in the air, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

The gags, while a few made me laugh, were just about as predictable and as idiotic as they come. I mean I like a poop joke as much as the next guy, but Witless Protection was beating a dead horse with it. They also tried to push the envelope on racy jokes, but it just came off as racist and offensive. My favorite being "This just made me madder than a two fingered cripple trying to return a text message."

I think they tried to make a couple of political statements , with some sort of comment about Bush and a lengthy jab at airline security and The Patriot Act, but I really can't be too sure because I was mostly tuned out by then. And no way am I going back to find out!

In Closing

Never watch this movie! If you own a copy, burn it. If you see a copy in stores, buy it and then burn it so no one has to endure that hell!