Don't Want A Nostril Ring To Zap You Into Not Snoring? There are Snoring Treatments Here

We know the story all too well and we know that you are very familiar with it too.  Your husband or partner snores like crazy and you are ready to jump off a roof, just to get some peace and quiet at nights.  Here are five snoring remedies we would like to bet that you have not heard about.  You may want to call him over and let him read this with you.  After all, it is in his best interest too!   Get these creative strategies, and at least one of them will bring you some relief.

  1. Look into Homeopathic Medicine - Now, we know that many people swear by their doctors and won’t move a muscle until the doc says so.  However, snoring can be a big problem for people who are disturbed by it, considering they are already stressed out from their day jobs.  Snoring remedies may not come from a prescription, though there are several drugs on the market that can help. If you don’t want to risk the possible side-effects of these, then homeopathic medicine may be right for you.
  1. Find a Way to Strengthen Your Windpipe – New advances in treatments for those who snore, point to significant health benefits from strengthening your respiratory muscles. In particular, you may be a tongue snorer because your tongue blocks your airways and vibrates. Exercising your body as well as your breathing system by playing a wind instrument can help.  Do a bit of research if you must, to see exactly how this works.  Doctors do not always understand this, but it seems that the harder it is to properly use a wind instrument, the better it helps you to breathe properly when sleeping.
  2. Magnetic Therapy – There is a growing belief that there are healing powers in magnets. As a result, there are devices that you can purchase today that claim to heal many snorers.  Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee this one, but if will help your loved one to sleep better and not snore all night, it could be worth a try. Again, there is a broad spectrum of information and systems that are available today, to help you or your partner to stop snoring.  Magnetic therapy might just be the silver bullet that will help you lick this problem once and for all.

  3. Snore Alarm Bracelet and Pillow – As you may know, those who snore cannot consciously stop because it only happens when they fall asleep.  It may take an electronic device to prompt them to change positions and therefore stop smoking.  A snore alarm bracelet may sound like a wacky idea, but if it cures your hubby’s snoring, it is worth a try.  Do some basic research. You may want to look at the Happillow, which is a billed as the vibrating snore detection and alarm pillow, which vibrates when you snore. The LCD clock is build right into the pillow.

  4. Acupressure – This is a tiny device that you place around your finger during sleep. It hits certain pressure points on your finger so that your body's energy can flow freely. This remedy is very mysterious and unexplained, but some manufacturers offer one year guarantees. So you will not lose a penny even if it doesn't work.

Of course if none of the above snoring treatments work, then there are others that you may try as well, such as snorezip which is said to break up mucus, and increase oxygen flow.  Whatever you may think of these zany ideas for treating your partner’s snoring problem, you may just find yourself re-visiting the ideas expressed here.  After all, what price can you put on a good night’s sleep?