This is season 4, episode 1 of Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place.

In this Wizards of Waverly Place episode,Alex Tells the World, the Russos return home after having escaped government agents, but Alex decides to tell reporters that the Russos are wizards in the hopes of saving Professor Crumbs and the other wizards. This decision proves to have disastrous consequences.

This Wizards of Waverly Place episode begins with Alex (Selena Gomez) complaining that she is tired from all the walking (despite the fact that Mason (Gregg Sulkin) had carried her on piggyback). Justin (David Henrie) kisses the ground because he is so thrilled to be back at Waverly Place. Jerry (David Deluise) complains about how the walking made him lose 30 pounds.

The Russo return to find that Waverly Sub Station has been boarded up. Harper (Jennifer Stone) has to remove boards and booby traps in order to let the Russos back in. Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) is glad to be home until she is punched by one of the remaining booby traps.

Justin observes that something is wrong with the portal. They are unable to contact anyone in the wizard world. Jerry observes that the wizmergency wizlight is on, meaning that wizard powers are still down.

Alex decides to call the police to inform them about Professor Crumbs (Ian Abercrombie) and the wizards, but Justin stops her because wizards are not supposed to expose magic. Jerry tells Alex to lay low, but Alex protests. She does not want to do nothing while Crumbs and the wizards are in danger. Theresa comments on the irony. "The one time we want the laziest girl in the world to do nothing, she wants to do something!"

As Alex and Mason flip through magazines, Alex has the idea to contact reporters. She comes up with a plan to get her parents out of the house, so she can call the reporters. She believes that publishing a story will show others that wizards are people too and that readers will demand that the government let the wizards go.

Alex gets her parents out of the house by telling them that they are out of ham. Theresa opens the cash drawer and caught by one of the booby traps (a mouse trap). Jerry turns to yell at Harper, but as it turns out, Max (Jake T. Austin) had set more booby traps to catch government agents.

Meanwhile, Alex addresses reporters. She had lured reporters into coming by telling them that Lady Gaga would appear on a motorcycle, but she's now ready to tell them the truth, that she is a wizard. Jerry finds Alex and Mason talking to reporters and tells them that it was a prank, but the reporters don't leave.

Alex tells the reporters that she has a wand. Miraculously, her powers return and she is able to turn a reporter's pen into a snake. Alex tells reporters to spread the word so they can save the wizard world. The reporters vanish in a whirlwind, and Professor Crumbs appears.

Crumbs tells Alex that she broke the ultimate wizard rule by exposing the wizard world. Crumbs reveals that the government facility was just a test to see if she was worthy if becoming a full wizard, and she failed miserably.

Theresa is outraged that they were thrown in jail, escaped, and walked 2,o00 miles just for a test. She tells Crumbs, "you owe me a new pair of shoes, Boss Man." To her joy, Crumbs presents her with a pair of strappy sandals.

Professor Crumbs informs Alex that she is to appear in Wizard Court. Justin must appear too because he had also exposed magic to Agent Lambwood.

Wizard Court contains a basketball court, a tennis court, and a volleyball court. Wizards like to do all their court stuff in one place. Jerry complains about there being no food court.

As Alex, Justin, and Mason take their seats, Professor Crumbs introduces an endless panel of judges. Justin has chosen to defend himself, but Alex is stuck with a lawyer named Mr. Loser.

Alex takes the stand. Crumbs asks if if it was true that she was held in a secret government facility. Crumbs brings out a crystal replay ball which shows Alex talking about how her hidden mini-wand can get the Russos out of jail.

Back at the sub station, Max is getting rid of the booby traps and asks Harper to help him find the last one. Harper protests that she just wants to sit and relax. When she sits, she discovers Max's hampered tied to the ceiling. When she stands up, Max's "personal avalanche of filth" will unleash. She tricks Max into sitting in the chair while she calls a taxi and escapes. Max is now stuck.

Back at wizard court, Justin is ready to defend himself. Justin argues that it is unfathomable that he would expose magic to the world. Crumbs is tired of Justin running back and forth between the witness stand and the floor, so he asks Justin to duplicate himself. Justin's duplicate does too good a job and exposes Justin as guilty. Duplicate Justin is just like the real one--he abides by truth and justice.

The judges find Alex and Justin guilty. Crumbs asks them to stand for sentencing. Alex has been demoted from level 3 to level 1 in the family wizard competition. Justin has been demoted from level 5 to level 1.

Alex and Justin protest because Max is at level 3. Because they have been demoted, it will be nearly impossible for them to catch up. Jerry asks Crumbs to reconsider because "Max can be a bit unpredictable."

Professor Crumbs catches a glimpse of Max falling for his own booby trap. He admits that Jerry has every right to be concerned, but the penalty has been set.

Justin is disappointed because he was sure he was going to be the next family wizard. Alex was certain that she was going to cheat Justin out being the next family wizard.

Back at the sub station, the Russos inform Max that he will likely become the next family wizard. Max asks everyone to help rebuild the hamper so they can all celebrate. Everyone walks out, leaving Max to enjoy his personal avalanche of filth.