This is season 4, episode 10 of Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place.

In this episode, Back to Max, Alex and Justin panic when Professor Crumbs makes a visit. They attempt to turn Maxine back into Max before Crumbs finds out about what they've done. What happens when another one of their spells goes wrong?

Meanwhile, Jackie Evancho (America's Got Talent) guest stars.

Back to Max

This Wizards of Waverly Place episode, Back to Max, begins with Justin happily correcting papers. Everybody passed with their highest test scores yet. Justin's (David Henrie) glad that he's actually making a difference in their lives. He wants to invite Professor Crumbs  (Ian Abercrombie) to do a class evaluation.

Nelvis asks if they can have a pizza party. Justin says no. Last time they had a pizza party, they got their dirty pizza party hands all over the Abraca-Doodler. Justin calls Professor Crumbs whose image appears on the Abraca-Doodler. Crumbs is doing is morning calisthenics and continues doing his reps while they talk.

Alex (Selena Gomez) tells Crumbs that she got an A- on a test. The minus is nothing new for her, but the A she never gets. Crumbs celebrates with an invigorating toe touch, but his back gets stuck.

Justin invites Crumbs to evaluate the class to see how well they're progressing. Alex tells Crumbs that when he sees how well they're doing, he can graduate everyone and she can get back in the wizard competition. If not, then he can let only her back in the competition. (Everyone protests).

Stuck in his toe touch, Crumbs says "return my spine back to align." He rises as Maxine (Bailee Madison) enters the lair. He tells them that he'll stop by tomorrow. He sees Maxine and asks "who is that adorable little girl?" Justin tricks Crumbs by telling him that he shoelace is untied. He gets stuck in another toe touch as Justin hangs up.

Maxine asks where Crumbs went. She was hoping that Crumbs could change her back into Max. Alex says she just missed him.

Alex tells Justin that he can't let Professor Crumbs come and find out that they accidentally crossed spells and turned Max into a little girl. Justin tries to call Crumbs to tell him that he can't come, but gets his visual voicemail.

Nelvis knows what to do. Alex says, "pizza party!"

At school, Harper (Jennifer Stone) is wearing a patriotic costume. A girl named Talia congratulates Harper on getting solo for the spirit of America show. Harper says that sitting on a covered wagon and singing songs about America is something she always dreamed of.

Talia is touched until Harper confesses that it isn't really her dream. All she cares about is a solo where the spotlight is on her. Talia walks away thinking that Harper is crazy.

Maxine approaches Harper at her locker. She (as Max) has a crush on Talia and wants to get into the show so she can talk herself up to Talia. She hopes that by the time she changes back into Max, Talia will already be crushing on him.

Harper offers to talk Max up to Talia, but Maxine declines. She doesn't want Talia to think that she knows Harper.

Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) and Jerry (David Deluise) enter with Mr. Laritate (Bill Chott). Theresa is sorry about the confusion. She thought they were supposed to meet at their usual place outside detention. They tell Mr. Laritate that they're busy that day. Mr. Laritate tells them that they don't even know what day it is yet.

Jerry says that they're busy on all days that end in "Y." Mr. Laritate says that it's "tomorrow. That doesn't end in Y." Jerry mutters that he should have said "days that end in morrow." Theresa says that if they have no other choice, they'll do it. Mr. Laritate says "that's sort of the spirit. There's hope for you."

Back at the lair, Justin tells the class that they can't let Maxine anywhere near Professor Crumbs. Otherwise she's going to tell him she's Max. Alex tells Maxine that she just missed him. Nelvis slips that he hasn't even arrived yet. Maxine says that she'll be checking in--a lot.

Justin realizes that keeping Maxine away is going to be a lot harder than he thought .Nelvis says not if they turn Maxine back into Max. Nelvis says that the class has gotten really good at magic. If they all chip in they can figure something out. After Justin's convoluted thought process, he loves the idea, but not enough for a pizza party.

At the decorating committee, Mr. Laritate wants to give the Russos something easy. He's been to the restaurant so he knows they don't know how to sweep. He puts them on streamer patrol. They have to hang them--he sarcastically tells them to let him know if they don't know how to use tape. It's sticky.

Theresa complains that Mr. Laritate has no faith in them. Jerry is happy because it means they'll be out in ten minutes. Theresa wants to prove him wrong.

Harper and Maxine walk on stage. Maxine sees Talia and begs Harper to get her into the show. Harper, as the "star" of the show, asks Mr. Laritate if there's any room for Maxine in the performance. Mr. Laritate says no.

Maxine charms him by singing "Home on the Range." He offers to let Maxine sing with Harper. Harper protests, so Mr. Laritate tells Harper she's out and that Maxine's the soloist. Maxine hugs Harper who squeezes (strangles) her a little too tight.

At the lair, Justin inspects the spells that the class came up with: a Be True to Yourself spell, and ogre skin scrub, and a reverse smoke bomb that might make milk come out of your nose (Alex).

Maxine asks if Crumbs is here yet. She wants Crumbs to change her back. Justin tells Maxine that the class has a spell to change her back. Crumbs knocks on the portal door. As Justin and Alex struggle to use any spell, Maxine pulls the latch to let Crumbs in. The spells collide and Crumbs turns into a little boy with a beard.

Crumbs (as a little boy) brings taffy. Maxine says "you're not Professor Crumbs. " She thanks him for the taffy anyway. Crumbs looks in the mirror and realizes that he's become a young boy. The beard is a family trait. Everyone in his family has one--except his mother who lost hers in a sausage accident.

Alex tries to explain why they would pull a "prank" like this. Justin bluffs that it was to teach the class that Professor Crumbs can reverse a spell, even a mutant cross spell. Crumbs says that he can reverse the spell--with a potion.

He won't tell them what's in the potion. He hasn't felt this good in over 800 years. He gives Nelvis a noogie. He hasn't done that since the inventor Nathaniel Noogie invented one. He won't give them the potion. He wants to enjoy a youthful life. He wants to use a skateboard. He can run again. His knees work.

Outside, Alex and Justin are looking for Crumbs. They find him with a helmet and a skateboard. He's Little Crumbs representing. Alex tricks him into giving the potion recipe. Hyena tears and dragon eyeballs.

She tells Justin she used that on him about 800 times. She asks Justin how she knew to take his wallet from his backpack. He retorts that it's not in his backpack. It's hidden his sock drawer. (Oops!)

At the decorating committee, the Russos bought a lot of flags and bunting. They want to impress Mr. Laritate.

Mr. Laritate tells Harper that someone is sick, and offers her back in the show. She'll be a cactus with no lines. Harper's just glad to be back. Mr. Laritate asks how fast she can alter a cactus costume. Harper already has one.

Mr. Laritate sees the paper bunting and plastic flags and singles them out as the lazy parents who didn't make anything--unlike the Campaneros who built a replica canon with their hands. Jerry and Theresa are outraged. They are determined to make something.

Jerry figures that Rocky Campanero has a canon, but they have two bags of confetti. That says grand finale to him.

Outside, Little Crumbs is excited to be riding the bike. Justin tries to steer him away from Maxine, but Maxine recognizes him as the guy with the taffy. Crumbs offers him some more. Maxine sees that he has crumbs in his beard, so she decides to call him "Crumbs."

Justin pulls Maxine away to prepare for the big show. Crumbs wants to attend. "It sounds delightfully rad."

At the lair, Alex and the class are making the potion. Alex wasn't sure about the portions so she just eyeballed the dragon eyeballs. Justin brings Crumbs to the lair and tells him that he's done a lot and needs to stay hydrated.

Alex offers Crumbs a "smoothie" specifically designed for those who do extreme sports, and kids with beards. Justin reminds her to save some for Max.

She runs to the sub station and gives Maxine the drink. Maxine asks what it is. Alex retorts, "since when do you care what you drink?" Maxine is satisfied and chugs the potion. Alex is disappointed that it didn't work. Maxine thinks it's burp juice and that it worked.

Justin chases Crumbs as Maxine runs off. Crumbs follows. Justin tells Alex that she must have left something out of the potion. Alex retorts that all that's missing is "a little support here."

At the show, Jackie Evancho (America's Got Talent) sings America the Beautiful. Alex and Justin enter with Crumbs. Mr. Laritate asks why that kid has a beard. Alex puts a patriotic hat on him and says that he's "that bearded uncle guy." Mr. Laritate responds, "Uncle Sam?"

Mr. Laritate tells the audience that if they work really  hard, they'll never be as incredible as Jackie. She asks if that she worked off her detention. Mr. Laritate is satisfied and rips up the detention slip.

In the audience, there's a glow. The little boy has changed back into Professor Crumbs. Alex realizes that the potion has a delayed reaction. Maxine will turn back into Max any minute (bad timing because she's about to go on stage).

Crumbs realizes that they tricked him into drinking the potion, but kudos to them for figuring out the potion.

On stage, Maxine sings next to Harper in a cactus costume. Alex panics that Maxine will change on stage and that everyone will see. Crumbs wonders what's going on. Justin drops taffy and tricks Crumbs into bending and throwing out his back.

Jerry tells them to be quiet because Maxine is singing. Justin tells him that Maxine will change back any minute. They gave her the reversal potion. Jerry tells them "nice timing."

As Maxine sings, she begins to glow. Jerry says that the grand finale will have to come a little early. Jerry releases the canon of confetti as Maxine changes back to Max. He continues singing (off-key unlike Maxine).

Mr. Laritate loves the canon confetti tribute to the westward migration and a "buckaroo switcheroo." He says that from now on, the Russos will be on the decorating committee for every event. Jerry and Theresa grumble.

Max asks what happened to her cute voice. Harper tells him that he's back. And so is she. Harper finishes the solo, and the audience applauds. Crumbs says "she's wonderful!"

The Russos hug Max and are glad to see him back. Now he wants to go talk to Talia. Justin protests that they haven't seen him in so long. Max quips that he's seen them. He's been there the whole time.

Talia says that it was the best surprise entrance she's ever seen. Maxine was right. He is cool and mysterious. Max asks if she mentioned that he likes afternoon walks in the park. He says she should have mentioned that.

Talia invites him to hang out on Saturday, but tells him not to bring Maxine. She thinks Maxine has a crush on him. Maxine says that it's good to be back.

As the credits roll, Justin waves his wand and says "return his spine back to align." Crumbs thanks Justin. He sees Max and comments that he hasn't seen him in quite a while.

Amidst Alex and Justin's protests, Max tells Crumbs that they turned him into a little girl. Crumbs tells him that they turned him into a little boy, but they turned them both back. Their splendid with magic. Yay.

Alex, Justin, and Max are puzzled by Crumbs' reaction. Alex quips that "when you're a winner, go to dinner. Pizza party!"