This is season 4, episode 11 of Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place. In this episode, Zeke Finds Out, Alex uses magic to help Zeke perform a magic trick. As a result, Zeke begins to believe that he is a wizard with magical powers.

Harper and Alex fight because Harper believes that Alex should tell Zeke the truth. Alex and Justin worry that telling Zeke would hurt their chances in the wizard competition. Meanwhile, Max offers his services as Zeke's manager.

Zeke Finds Out

In this Wizards of Waverly Place episode, Zeke Finds Out, begins with Zeke performing a card trick. He tires to pick the card the Justin chose. He's failing miserably. Justin (David Henrie) reminds him that the card is in his pocket. Zeke finally picks the right one, and the audience is underwhelmed.

Alex (Selena Gomez) quips that Zeke has a new hobby. Harper (Jennifer Stone) doesn't love it. For his next trick, Zeke asks Max to hand him a bill. Max tries to offer smaller bills, but Zeke takes the $20 and rips it. He tries to squeeze the bill together using magic. It doesn't work.

Alex tells him to squeeze harder. She uses her magic to make it work. There's a baby duck in his hand. Max is thrilled. He can't wait to raise the duck and sell its milk.

Zeke asks Justin how he did this. Justin runs after Alex, telling her that she practically exposed magic to Zeke. He says that he's not covering for her if Zeke starts asking questions. Alex points out how happy he was when he thought he did that trick. Harper loves the widdle duckie.

Max asks Zeke if he ever consider a career as a professional magician. He wants in on the business. Max wants to be his manager. Max comes up with a new name, The Amazing Zekeini. Zeke loves that it sounds like zucchini.

Zeke talks to Harper outside. He thinks he's a wizard. "When I did that trick, everything was not what it seemed." He thinks he has magical powers. He swears her to secrecy. He's glad to finally understand why he never fits in on this planet.

In the kitchen, Harper tells Alex that Zeke thinks he's a wizard. She thinks Alex went too far. She doesn't like having to lie to her boyfriend. Alex says she can't tell him the truth because it would hurt her standing in the wizard competition. She thinks he can't keep the secret. If Harper tells him, she wouldn't be able to forgive him.

Harper says she'll just keep lying. She tells Alex that her hair looks good. She lied again.

At the sub station, Justin is sweeping. Zeke remembers when he used to have to sweep stuff up. He tells Justin that he thinks he's a wizard. Justin tells him that wizards don't exist.

Max tells Zeke that he got him his first gig at a kid's birthday party. Zeke is excited about a magic show with real magic. Justin leaves to talk to Alex. Zeke tells him not to say anything to her. She seems like someone who would abuse magic if she was a wizard.

In the kitchen, Justin tells her that Zeke is going to do a magic show. Alex says she has a plan to fix this. She's stalling because she has no plan. She's just going to let him fail and magic and realize that he's not a wizard. Harper doesn't want him to be humiliated.

Harper asks Zeke if he really wants to do this show. Justin agrees that he shouldn't go through with this. Zeke is upset that they're not supporting him. He thought they had a better relationship than this. She can't tell him the truth. He breaks up with her.

Later, Harper is knitting up a storm and crying over Zeke. Alex is trying to apologize, but she won't have any of it. Alex says she'll fix it, but Harper doesn't want that.

At the sub station, Max presents the Amazing Zucchini. Alex walks into the show. The Amazing Zucchini talks to the kids. Alex tells Justin that they should tell Zeke the truth. Justin says that it would hurt them in the competition.

Zeke performs the money trick. He's the Amazing Zucchini. Max is the Amazing Pickle. Harper tries to talk to Zeke, and Alex uses her wand to make Harper disappear. Everyone's impressed. Harper ends up in the school hall with the janitor.

For the next trick, he's going to saw Pickle in half. The kids want to see the trick. Max isn't worried because he thinks the magic trick is an illusion. Alex explains that she used magic to help Zeke performs the trick. Max panics.

Justin uses the wand to divide Max in half. Max's feet are running off. The kids are chasing Max's feet while an angry Harper returns to yell at Alex.

Justin freezes the room. Zeke panics. Justin tells him Zeke that he's the wizard, not Zeke. Justin shows him the wand. Justin zaps them into the lair. He finally realizes the truth, but he's still panicking.

Justin explains that nobody's going to hurt him. He's still his best friend. Zeke realizes why Justin and Alex were in Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster II when they weren't even in Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster I. He also remembers the werewolf who turned into Mason.

Justin explains the he, Alex, and Max are wizards. The only other people who know are their parents and Harper. Zeke realizes what he's done to Harper. He realizes that he shouldn't have broken up with her. He asks how far they are from the sub shop. They're r than the thinks.  They exit the vegetable cooler and into the sub shop.

Justin restarts the party. Zeke's thrilled that his best friend is a wizard. Justin zaps a chocolate cake. The kids are happy. Max tells his feet to get a corner piece with lots of frosting.

Justin tells Alex and Harper that he told Zeke the truth. He made the decision. He'll accept the consequences. Justin swears Zeke to secrecy. Zeke apologizes to Harper. He asks her to take him back. They hug it out.

Alex hugs it out. She abused magic and put Harper in a bad position. Harper says that she didn't mean it when she said she didn't care about the wizard competition. Zeke starts chatting about the competition, and Alex puts him on mute.

Later, Zeke is at the lair taking it all in. He asks about the pen and the desk. Alex says that they should ease him in slowly. He's still having trouble with ordinary things.