This is season 4, episode 12 of Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place. In this episode, Alex arranges a wrestling match to help a former luchador, Muy Macho, restore his career. Meanwhile, Justin agrees to grant Zeke one magical wish. Unfortunately, his wish is to defeat Muy Macho.

Magic Unmasked

Harper (Jennifer Stone) enters the living and complains that ever since Zeke (Dan Benson) found out about magic, he's become so annoying. Alex (Selena Gomez) quips it must be love if he only just became annoying.

Zeke is harassing Justin (David Henrie) with annoying questions about magic. Alex says she's going upstairs. Zeke wonders if "upstairs" is code for something wizardy. She says it isn't. He wonders if "it isn't" is code for something wizardy.

Justin tells Zeke that Harper didn't have a hard time when she found out about magic. In Zeke's defence, Harper explains that her circus-y childhood makes it easier for her to process weird things.

Justin offers a deal. He'll grant Zeke one magical wish if he'll just stop asking these questions. Zeke continues babbling as Justin slams the door.

At the sub shop, Max (Jake T. Austin) tells Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) that he and Talia are going to see a movie. Talia says that they're going to see a love story where two people who appear mismatched realize in the end that they're perfect for one another.

Theresa tells Talia that Max has chores to do. She tells Max that she's just trying to get him out of having to see a chick flick. But Max claims he loves romantic things. His mom is skeptical. She thinks he and Talia have nothing in common. He tells Talia that he needs tissues for when he cries at the end.

Talia tells Theresa that she raised a wonderful son. Theresa quips, "when you see him, could you send him home?"

A man in a suit enters. Alex tells Jerry (David Deluise) that Muy Macho, one of the biggest luchador wrestlers is here. She approaches him. She tells him she's his biggest fan.

Muy Macho says that nobody calls him Muy Macho anymore. He's now a shoe salesman. Alex protests that he's one of the meanest toughest luchadors of all time. He says he's given that all up.

There's a flashback of ten years ago. He stepped into a churro and fell into a crowd where a little unmasked him. It was so disgraceful that he retired. Alex realizes that she was the little girl. Jerry's churro had fallen into the ring.

Alex apologizes for robbing Muy Macho of his true calling. She offers him another shot at wrestling. She wants to make it up to him. She offers Jerry as an opponent. She bribes Jerry with a churro.

Theresa tells Jerry loses his breath while cheering for wrestling. Alex offers Theresa the role as beautiful ring girl. She's in.

At school, Zeke graduated but got a job as a crossing guard. He's freaking out because he doesn't know what to wish for. The PA announces a traffic accident and that a crossing guard has left his post.

Harper asks Alex why she never offered her a magical wish too. Alex agrees to give her a wish.

Max enters wearing a suit. Talia is glad she told him to wear that. He pretends to agree. Talia says she loves opera, brussel sprouts, architectural walking tours. She says he likes whatever she likes, and that's why they work. He asks about video games and she says, "we frown upon then."

At the sub station, Muy Macho enters in costume. He's in a fighting mood. Muy Macho is back. He tears the phone book in half. Jerry doesn't want to fight him. Zeke offers to fight him instead. It's been a lifelong dream to fight a Mexican wrestler.

Alex wants Muy Macho to defeat Zeke so she can be rid of this annoying flashback. However, Zeke tells Justin to make him a great luchador so he can make Muy Macho regret coming out of retirement.

Justin's reluctant, but Zeke has already picked out his name. Lava Sus Manos. It means wash your hands. Justin has no choice but to grant the wish.

In the living room, Theresa asks Max if he's going to the lucha match tonight. There's going to be a really beautiful ring girl there. Max says he loves lucha wrestling, but Talia says it's barbaric. He agrees.

Talia says that she and Max are into cute things, like making snowmen out of cotton balls and dressing up kittens to look like famous people. Theresa says it doesn't sound like Max.

Max confesses that he and Talia actually have nothing in common. He breaks up with her. He says she should leave before she catches a glimpse of the real him because it's super gross.

At the ring, Jerry announces the return of Muy Macho. He's so glad to have been given a second chance. Jerry announces the challenger Lava Sus Manos.

In the audience, Max is sitting next to a masked fan. In his chicken costume, Zeke is destroying Muy Macho. Alex asks Justin why Zeke is winning. Justin explains that it was Zeke's wish. Muy Macho is humiliated. She uses magic to give him a boost. Now the tables have turned.

Justin says that Zeke should have wished to beat an unbeatable luchador. Max is enjoying this. The unmasked person reveals herself to be Talia. She came to apologize for the way she treated him. She wants to experience something he likes for once.

Max thinks this is just like that movie. He's the sloppy maid and she's the stuffy rich guy. They learn to appreciate each other's differences and live out their days in a beach house. They hug it out as the udience awwwws.

Harper figures out her wish. She wants world peace. However, she sees Zeke in trouble, but Alex says Muy Macho has to win. She shows Harper the flashback.

Harper still doesn't like the fact that Zeke's getting destroyed. She changes her wish to beat Muy Macho senseless. Alex is obligated to comply. Harper enters the ring and emerges the winner.

Jerry asks Harper for her Spanish wrestling name. She says whatever is Spanish for crazy red-headed chick.

Theresa enters in her ring girl outfit and thinks everyone's cheering for her.

Alex is apologizing, but Muy Macho says he has no business being a wrestler. He's perfectly happy being a successful shoe salesman. This was the worst experience of his life. He'll never forgive her.

Justin says that she tried her best and had good intentions. Alex and Justin look at the new flashback of Muy Macho telling her that he'll never forgive her. She's not happy about being stuck with another flashback.