This is season 4, episode 18 of the Disney Channel series, Wizards of Waverly Place. In this episode, Justin's Back In, Justin struggles to prepare his class for their final exam in hopes of their readmission into WizTech.

Meanwhile, Theresa and Jerry realize that they never kept any of Max's childhood memories.

Justin's Back In

This episode begins with Justin (David Henrie) lecturing his class on how a unicorn can help you roast marshmallows. That completes their final delinquent course lesson. Now it's time to review everything. Professor Crumbs is sending a teacher's assistant to take them to the Hall of Wizards to help them review.

Nelvis (Cameron Sanders) hopes it's not a pretty lady because all they want to do is punch his cheeks. Alex (Selena Gomez) enters and pinches his cheeks.

Justin tells Alex that he's waiting for the teacher's aide. Unfortunately for him, she's the new TA. The class is happy.

In the living room, Harper (Jennifer Stone) is making a scrap book. She shows Alex a childhood drawing project. Harper had made it and put Alex's name on it so the teacher wouldn't know that she ditched. They got that system down pretty early.

Now that Harper's graduated, she can complete the last page of the scrap book with the diploma. Oops, it's not the last page.

Max (Jake T. Austin) thinks scrap books are a great idea. He wants to remember the time he left the water running in the bath tub. That's right now.

Jerry (David Deluise) asks Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) if they have scrap books for the kids. She says, "sort of." She has their art work with art projects and achievements in boxes marked Alex, Justin, and Max. Jerry thought those were suggestion boxes and filled them with complaints. No wonder no one changed. Alex figures out why Jerry stopped complaining to their faces.

Jerry brings out the boxes. They're a lot lighter now that he took out the complaints. Justin has certificates that say "I learned how to crawl by myself" and "I learned how to use a printer." Alex has an award for most absences. It's actually a disciplinary letter from a teacher.

Max only has one thing--a receipt for three boxes at $1.99 each. Jerry wonders why she paid $1.99. Harper realizes that they didn't save anything from Max. Theresa thinks they're horrible parents for not saving any of his memories.

Alex thinks that if they want to be real parents, they could take them to a real doctor instead of posting symptoms on the internet and asking people what they think. Theresa and Jerry decide to recreate Max's memories.

At the Hall of Wizards, Alex thinks the relics will help the students review. Justin is panicking. Felix (Frank Pacheco) points to a famous waterfall. Nelvis says that you can drink as much of it as you want and not have to go to the bathroom.

Felix sees the famous wand and crystal ball. This once belonged to the famous wizard, Rinaldi until a jealous warlock stole it and plunged it into this crystal ball. The wand can only be removed by a descendant of Rinaldi.

Nelvis tries and fails. Justin says that there are no known descendents. That doesn't stop him from trying either.

Professor Crumbs (Ian Abercrombie) enters. Justin asks if he gave his beard a Brazilian blowout because it looks silky and smooth. Crumbs introduces Cragmont (Tim Conway) who will administer the test.

Cragmont is also the wizard world historian. He says that the oldest relic in this room is Professor Crumbs.

Crumbs says that Justin has done an extraordinary job with the delinquents. Cragmont says that Crumbs told him that he's extraordinary. Crumbs has great hopes for Justin. He might end up with a statue along with other esteemed members of the wizard council. Justin demonstrates elaborate poses for his future statue. Any of those would be "extraordinary."

Cragmont says that proof is in the pudding. And after you take the test, you get pudding. Alex says they're ready for the test now. The sooner they pass, the sooner they get back into WizTech, and the sooner he's back in the competition. Justin reluctantly agrees.

Cragmont puts the students under hair styling machines to scan their brains. That completes the totally unnecessary light show. It's time for the test.

Back in the kitchen, Jerry recreates Max's citizenship award from third grade, his Eskimo diorama from fifth grade, and his spelling test from second grade where he spelled his name mostly right.

Max enters and thinks they left him out by having a fun arts and crafts class without him. Harper plays along. They invite him to join him. They ask him to build an ice-cream stick house.

Back at the lair, the students want to take tests every day just to get that volume in their hair. Justin apologizes for being so nervous.

Crumbs enters and says that they all failed miserably. Alex says that the students all knew everything. Crumbs says that the delinquents will not be admitted to WizTech, and he's not eligible for his family's wizard competition.

Alex apologizes to Justin. Felix apologizes too. Justin blames Alex. He says that she pushed the class to be evaluated before they were ready in order to keep him out of the wizard competition. Alex doesn't understand how everyone could have failed. She'll figure out what happened.

Alex enters the Hall of Wizards to look for Cragmont. She enters his empty office and finds the test results. They all passed. Alex calls Justin's wand to leave a message, but Cragmont enters. Cragmont says that he was sick of waiting for Crumbs to make him a member of the wizard council. He's tired of hearing about Justin and the extraordinary young wizards when it should be going to him.

Cragmont zaps Alex into the waterfall.

At the house, Harper says that they just need to get Max to believe that he made that stuff when he was a kid. Max shows them a hand turkey. Theresa praises him and says that looks exactly like the one he made in second grade.

Max says his hand was smaller. Jerry says that the Russo boys were born with full size hands. Theresa says the teachers used to call him Big Hand Max. Max says that's why he was so good at peekaboo. Jerry thinks they'll be just fine.

At the lair, Justin checks his wand message. He hears Cragmont take Alex's wand. Felix says they should help her. Justin doesn't want to be bothered, but Felix drags him over his shoulder.

At the Hall of Wizards, he still has Justin on his shoulder. Alex tells him to put Justin down. She tells the students that everyone passed. Cragmont tells Justin, "surprise, I'm evil." Justin demands that he let Alex out and tell Professor Crumbs that they passed, or else. Or else what? Justin has no response.

Cragmont uses a spell to turn Justin into a statue. He takes their wands away. He wants to turn everyone else into statues. As a last resort, Felix tries to take Rinaldi's wand from the crystal ball. He succeeds!

Alex tells him to use the wand. He releases Alex and removes the spell on Justin.

Crumbs appears and asked who removed the wand from the crystal ball. Justin points to Felix. Crumbs realizes that Felix is the long-lost descendant of Rinaldi and bows to him. Felix thinks it's "so awesome" that Crumbs bowed to him. He bows back.

Cragmont doesn't want to deal with another person being called "extraordinary." Alex and Justin tell Crumbs that the students passed. Crumbs is disappointed that Cragmont couldn't rise above his jealousy.

Cragmont tries to laugh it off, but Crumbs turns him into a wizard history book.

Crumbs congratulates Justin for successfully guiding the group back to WizTech. Felix thanks Justin for changing his life. Now that he knows he's a Rinaldi, he should have no trouble getting girls. He glances at Alex who flirts back.

Crumbs announces that Justin is back in the family wizard competition. Justin thanks Alex for helping him. She says that the competition wouldn't be any fun without him.

Felix offers to carry Justin out for old-times sake. He's not game, but Felix carries him anyway.

Jerry congratulates the kids for getting back into the wizard competition. Theresa presents the scrapbooks they made of their childhood memories. Max knows that his book contains the stuff they did today.

Theresa asks Max how he knew. He says that the Big Hand Max story gave it away, but he thought it was nice of them to try. Besides, he saved everything on the top bunk of his bed, including his first little league trophy, collection of hair from his haircuts, and a spaceship pinata full of his baby teeth.

There's also a jar with a carrot and coal. It was his first snowman. Jerry says that he's raising them to be good parents.