This is season 4, episode 19 of Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place. In this episode, Alex and Harper decide to move out. In order to do so, they put on puppet shows in hopes of raising money. Meanwhile, Max's parents fail to impress Talia's parents.

Alex the Puppetmaster

Alex (Selena Gomez) informs her parents that since she and Harper (Jennifer Stone) have graduated high school, they want to get their own apartment and move out. Jerry (David Deluise) asks, "did I hear you correctly? You graduated high school?" Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) quips, "nice parenting."

Justin (David Henrie) is eager for Alex to move out. He's been waiting for this moment for years. He shows them a crude childlike drawing of the house without Alex. He wants to build his laboratory in her room.

Theresa and Jerry explain that moving out would be expensive because they would have to financially support themselves. Jerry asks how they intend to pay for utilities. Alex makes a joke about stealing "utensils" from the sub shop.

Jerry explains that usually roommates share the cost of living. Theresa says that if they can earn enough money to move out, it'll prove how serious they are, and the parents will be supportive.

Max (Jake T. Austin) enters the kitchen and tells his parents that Talia's parents want to meet them in order to get a sense of his family. Jerry jokes that he can't make sense of this family. How are they going to do it?

Theresa and Jerry are reluctant, but Max has invited them to lunch. Jerry hates meeting people, but he loves lunch. He's torn.

Zeke (Dan Benson) enters, excited about the news that Alex is moving out. Justin says that they'll have enough room to build a plexidome moonscape biosphere.

Harper enters with her latest craft project, a puppet. Alex doesn't want to be interrupted. She's brainstorming ways to make money. A little girl approaches Harper and admires the puppet. She wants to know how she can buy tickets to the puppet show. Alex doesn't want to be interrupted.

After the girl leaves, she realizes that the girl was onto something. They could make money by putting on a puppet show. Harper will make the marionettes. Alex will write an oddball script about two friends trying to make it in the real world. Justin and Zeke volunteer to build the stage to make sure they move out.

In the kitchen, Max is briefing the parents before meeting Talia's family. He says that Talia's parents love the Mets and they love going to the movies. Theresa and Jerry think it's perfect. They love that stuff too.

Talia enters. She tells Max that he was misinformed. Her parents like to go to the Met, and they go to the theater for plays. Uh oh.

Jerry makes small talk about the Mets. Talia's parents think he's talking about the Metropolitan Opera House. Jerry talks about the Mets beating the Phillys. Talia's mom is surprised that someone got beaten at the opera house. Jerry was talking about the Mets, but if someone got beaten at the opera house, he might actually go.

Talia's dad explains that they love the Met. They place high value on education and cultural awareness. The mom says, "the more you know, it's still not enough." Talia tries to defend them by pointing to how many books they have, on reality show celebrities.

Theresa tries to change the subject by talking about the movies. Talia's parents explain that they would rather see live theater. Theresa relates going to the theater once, but the show seemed to end right in the middle of the story. That was the intermission.

Talia's dad doesn't think this is an intellectually stimulating environment for Talia. The mom thinks it's best that Max and Talia don't see each other anymore. Talia protests, but her parents are insistent.

The next day, the stage and puppets are ready. Alex overslept and didn't write the script. She thinks they'll just wing it. Harper argues that everyone did what they said they'd do except her. Alex thinks the kids will like anything they do.

Harper says the show is canceled due to laziness. Justin and Zeke protest. Zeke attempts to entertain them by miming.

Harper says that if she can't rely on Alex for a simple puppet show, then how can she rely on her for something important as sharing an apartment. Zeke mimes a sad face.

At the sub station, Max is writing Talia's name on his arm in mustard. Justin offers to help. He points out that Max misspelled her name. Max explains that Mom and Dad didn't make a good impression. Justin says that Mom and Dad don't impress people, they depress people.

Max wishes there was a way they could meet all over again. Justin suggests the Clean Slate Spell so that Talia's parents forget meeting them. Max says that Justin doesn't usually suggest using magic to fix problems. Justin says that he's been there because he's lost a girl, or three.

Max calls Talia's parents while Justin performs the spell. Talia's mom is practicing the violin. Max pretends to be Theresa. They think she has a cold because she sounds like a teenage boy. Max (as Theresa) invites them over for dinner. Talia's mom would have to cancel her violin lesson.

Meanwhile, Harper performs a puppet show about two friends named Heather and Annie. Annie is a lazy unreliable slob. who can't even carry her own weight. It's a thinly veiled attack on Alex. The kids love it. Zeke wonders how she came up with these characters out of thin air. Alex looks dejected.

In the living room, Jerry is reluctant to meet Talia's parents again. Theresa doesn't want to either, but Max has already let them in. Talia's parents say that it's nice to meet them. Theresa says it feels like they've already met.

Jerry says that his callouses are from rubbing his chin while thinking. He's thinking about a book he's reading--about the Met, not the baseball team. There are some culturally unaware people who don't know the difference. Theresa says they like the opera so much more than the movies.

Talia's mom asks what her favorite opera is. Max says Opera Winfrey. You watch it every day. Theresa says he's kidding. They all laugh. Talia's dad invites them to the Met to see Wagner's The Ring.

Max asks if he can still see Talia. Her parents agree. They think it's a culturally stimulating environment. They can't find anyone else who's willing to sit through 16 hours of the ring. Jerry and Theresa feign enthusiasm. Jerry says that in 17 hours he's so going to get Max.

At the puppet show, Harper is still making tons of money making fun of Alex. Justin says she needs to make things right with opera so he can build that plexidome moonscape biosphere. Zeke brings and odd contraption. He and Justin pedal to generate electricity.

Alex says she'll do her own show. She uses as spell to turn Justin and Zeke into puppets. Zeke did not agree to be turned into a puppet. And Justin's lederhosen are way nicer than his.

Alex uses her wand to create a puppet stage. She puts on a rival show featuring Justin and Zeke. Justin goes along with it because he wants Alex to move out. Zeke protests that he's being forced to do this against his will. Justin kicks Zeke in order to force him to do the show. The audience loves it. Zeke removes the puppet strings and runs off. Justin chases after him.

The kids are giving Alex money. Harper sarcastically congratulates Alex on being the one who gets to move out.

Later, Alex uses the Harper's puppets to stage a make-up scene between the friends. She calls Annie irresponsible with a heart of gold. Heather says that Annie is not perfect, but she usually comes through in a bad situation.

Harper can't wait for bad things to happen for Alex to decide to do the right thing. She makes Alex to promise to pull her own weight and to respect the chore chart. Alex agrees, only if Harper will respect her sleep chart. Harper won't, but Alex didn't want to go through the chore of making a sleep chart anyway.

At the sub station, Max and Talia are drawing their names in ketchup and mustard. Theresa and Jerry run inside. They've escaped during the opera. They plan on taking a nap and returning when it's over. However, Talia points out that her parents will spot them missing during intermission. Theresa and Jerry have to return to the opera house.