This is season 4, episode 3 of Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place.

In this Wizards of Waverly Place episode, Lucky Charmed, Harper tries to show Alex that she can live without magic. But it looks like Harper will need some magical help to pass her driving test.

This episode begins with Alex (Selena Gomez) flashing down the stairs. Harper (Jennifer Stone) reminds Alex that she quit the wizard competition, and that she will need to learn to survive without magic. Alex doesn't even know how to zip up her sweatshirt without using magic.

Harper tells Alex that they need to learn to drive. Harper can't wait to communicate with fellow drivers (in the form of road rage).

Max (Jake T. Austin) tells Jerry (David Deluise) that since he's going to be the family wizard, he wants the family wizard robe. Jerry explains that he had given it to Justin (David Henrie) when he was in the lead. Max protests that he deserves that robe, and Jerry explains that the robe means a lot of Justin and that they will have to "dance delicately" around the subject.

Jerry walks into the lair to butter Justin up. He compliments Justin for not getting "super attached to things." Jerry asks Justin to give "my second favorite son" my robe. Max starts "dancing delicately." Justin refuses--he hasn't lost the competition yet. He wants to rise from the ashes of defeat. And yes, he gets super attached to things.

Meanwhile, Harper is driving horribly and Mr. Laritate (Bill Chott) is yelling at her. Alex is trying to guide Harper from the back seat. Mr. Laritate tells Harper to pull over in front of the doughnut shop. He thanks Leilani, his lucky hula girl, a miniature figuring for keeping them safe.

As Alex climbs into the the front seat, she accidentally hits the reverse gear and crashes Mr. Laritate's car. Uh oh.

Alex wants to fix the car with magic, or at least find someone else to blame, but Harper convinces her to tell the truth. Part of living without magic means having to take responsibility for your mistakes. Mr. Laritate is overjoyed to hear that for the first time, Alex Russo has actually admitted to something. But she's still not off the hook. Alex is furious with Harper for getting her in trouble.

At the house, Justin tells Max that he behaved inappropriately by not giving him the robe. He has changed his minds and presents Max with the robe. Jerry is proud of Justin until he realizes that the robe is a fake.

Back at the lair, Justin explains that the real robe was damaged. He offers to show the robe to Jerry as long as he doesn't freak out. Jerry promises, but freaks out anyway. Jerry remembers that there is a security robe cam, so they can find out what happened.

In the robe cam, Alex brings in an oil painting, Harper brings coconut cream pies, while Max brings in a box of mud. As Justin promises to take care of the robe, but stains the robe with the oil painting, tries to wash it off in the sink, but it gets clogged in the drain. He falls into the coconut cream pies, then runs into a bucket of paint and Max's box of mud. Justin is devastated.

At school, Alex is stuck having to clean trash cans. Mr. Laritate is actually glad that Alex wrecked his car because it has given Alex a chance to take responsibility. Alex realizes that Harper was right--she did something without the help of magic.

Alex wants to thank Harper. She asks Mr. Laritate if Harper can use his lucky hula girl while she takes her driving test.

At the driving test, the DMV examiner is doing a good job masking his horror, but inside he's screaming like a little girl. Alex appears as Leilani. She explains that although she shouldn't be using magic, she wants to help Harper pass her test. As Harper talks to Alex, the DMV examiner thinks she's talking to him.

Alex gives Harper driving directions. Harper tells Alex that she's a good friend. The DMV examiner thanks her.

In the living room, Jerry and Max appear with the robe and a big bucket. Jerry had presented the robe to a wizard tailor who enjoyed seeing the tape. He also gave Jerry a magic wash tub which fixes the robe good as new.

Jerry tells Justin that since the robe means so much to him, he can hold onto it until the wizard competition. Justin tells Max that since he's so far ahead in the competition, Max deserves the robe. But Justin still plans on making a comeback.

Jerry tells Justin that he did a nice thing. Justin tells Jerry to hang onto the wash tub. Max destroys the robe, and Jerry is glad he kept the tub.

At her driving test, the DMV examiner leaves to add up her score. Alex tells Harper that she was right. Alex will be okay without magic. Harper reminds Alex that she used magic to help her on the test. The DMV examiner decides to Harper.

Harper wants to hug Alex, but she has to return to normal size first. They decide to keep using magic while she still has it, but only for important things. Because Harper barely passed her driving test, Alex has to use magic to pop them back home.