This is Season 4, Episode 5 of Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place.

In this Wizards of Waverly Place episode, Max joins a club for sophisticated wizards who convince Max to move the family wizards competition up to Monday. Alex and Justin, who are far behind in competition, each disguise themselves as Max in order to move the competition back to the original date. When Alex and Justin attempt to undo their spells, consequences prove to be disastrous for Max.

At the start of this Wizards of Waverly Place episode, Jerry Russo (David Deluise) enters the lair to find Max (Jake T. Austin) stuck in a cotton candy cocoon. Jerry tells Max that this is another reason why he needs to join a sophisticated wizards club, a club where they put their wands in their briefcases. Max replies that he usually keeps his briefs in his wand case.

As Jerry and Max leave to call the sophisticated wizards society, Alex (Selena Gomez) and Justin (David Henrie) enter. Alex asks Justin to tell her how she can raise her standings in the wizard competition. Justin at first refuses, but he accidentally slips that Helen (Kari Wahlgren) is the head of the family wizards competition office, giving her all the information she needs.

Alex later knocks on the door of the family wizards competition office. Helen complains that she had asked for an office near and aquarium but that they had given her an office in an aquarium (flash to a bug-eyed fish giving them the evil eye because she had tuna for lunch).

Alex tells Helen that she wants to find a way to catch up in the family competition. Helen tells Alex that she's a delinquent who should quit the competition, but Alex explains that being in the competition is the only way she can be with her werewolf boyfriend.

Helen has a soft spot because she is dating a cyclops. She has a change of heart and offers to put her in Justin's delinquent class. Helen says that Justin will have to let her in the class because she has the official wizard stamp.

Back at the house, Jerry explains to Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) that Max needs to be accepted into the sophisticated wizards club. Harper (Jennifer Stone) scoffs, saying that the club is full of elitist snobs who get by on their charm and good looks.

Fidel, president of the sophisticated wizards club, charms Harper by complimenting her rack of lamb hat. He then leads a discussion on wand history and etiquette. Max responds with a wand gag, pretending that a wand that cut through his brain. Fidel welcomes Max to the club.

At the lair, Justin is teaching his delinquent class when Alex enters. Justin refuses to let her in the class, but one of the guys thinks she's cute. Alex rebukes with an official stamp. Justin continues class by teaching them how to turn into Shaquille O'Neal, but Alex turns into a shack.

In the living room, Max does impressions of Professor Crumbs with a broom. Max also makes fun of his dad for taking his gym bag to the movies. Theresa wonders when the club will make Max more sophisticated. Jerry is not worried yet. He encourages Max to join in on their wand discussions.

Fidel, meanwhile, charms Harper into cleaning the club member's robes.

Justin walks in on the sophisticated wizards club meeting. He tells them that if he hadn't lost his standing in the competition, he would been part of the club and leading stimulating discussions. Justin threatens Max by telling him that he will catch up in the wizard competition.

Fidel then tells Max that he prefers having Max instead of Justin in the club because he will try to take his place as president. The club members call Max their personal buffoon. Fidel tells Max that since he's so far ahead, he has the power to move the date of the wizard competition so he can win.

Meanwhile, Justin is frustrated because Alex turned herself into just a beaver instead of Justin Bieber. Justin thinks Alex is hopeless, but Alex argues that if he helps her do better, it helps Justin too. But Max enters the lair to inform them that he moved the wizards competition up to Monday.

Only Max can change the date back. Alex decides to pull her powers together and transform herself into Max in order to move the competition back to the original date.

In the living room, Theresa tells Harper that the boys are taking advantage of her by making her iron their robes. Theresa is about to give Fidel a piece of her mind, but Fidel charms her with compliments of her lovely home.

Harper asks Fidel if he's taking advantage of her. After he charms her with more compliments, she realizes that he's taking advantage of her. She decides to leave the iron running on his robe as payback.

At the sophisticated wizards meeting, Max tries to chime in on their wand discussion, but they tell him not to bother participating in those discussions. They tell him to focus on making his watermelon shoes.

Justin tells Jerry that Max has moved the wizard competition up to Monday. Jerry asks why the club would convince Max to do that. He starts to wonder why they even let Max into the club. He soon realizes that the club is treating Max like a clown. Max apologizes for not being a more sophisticated wizard, but Jerry tells Max forget about the club and to not be like those jerks.

Max also decides to do the right thing by moving the competition back. Jerry throws watermelons at the club members and informs them that Max quits.

Helen asks Alex (dressed as Max) why he wants to move the competition back. Justin enters, also dressed as Max. Justin had the same plan as Alex. The real Max enters to change the competition back but wonders what the two Maxes are doing here. Max is angry that his siblings went behind his back so he decides to keep the competition as is. "Nobody imitates me and gets away with it."

The three Maxes engage in a physical fight but the real Max wins because he knows his own weaknesses. Alex and Justin try to change themselves back but something goes wrong, causing Max to turn into a little girl.

Helen is fed up and decides that Monday is off. She moves the competition back to the original date.

Justin tries to change Max back, but it doesn't work. Alex and Justin zap themselves home, and Max follows.

Back at the lair, Justin researches and explains that when he and Alex did their spells, they collided and formed a mutant spell. There's a test to determine how long until the spell wears off. Justin asks little girl Max (Bailee Madison) to blow into a spell detector. Max blows and a donkey honk sound comes out, signifying that the spell could last indefinitely.

It looks like Max will be stuck like this for awhile. Alex tells him/her to stay out of her closet.