This is season 4, episode 6 of Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place. In this episode, Alex becomes jealous that her parents are paying more attention to Maxine than to her. Alex wonders if Maxine is replacing her as Daddy's Little Girl.

Meanwhile, in order to keep Zeke away from the sub station and discovering that Maxine is really Max, Harper panics and tells him that the Russos hate him.

Daddy's Little Girl

This Wizards of Waverly Place episode beings in the living room with Jerry (David Deluise) and Alex (Selena Gomez) looking forward to their monthly father/daughter ritual, a visit to the pancake place, Nuttin' But Flapjacks.

Harper (Jennifer Stone) wonders why that place is so appealing. You have to bring your own butter and syrup. Alex and Jerry tell Harper that they like to use the leftover pancakes to carve out scary faces and create pancake monsters.

Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) and Maxine (Bailee Madison) enter. In the previous episode, Alex and Justin had accidentally turned Max into a little girl.

Theresa is excited to show everyone how Alex's little girl clothes fit on Maxine. Jerry comments that Maxine is even cuter than Alex was in those clothes. Jerry wants to take Maxine out to breakfast, ditching Alex in the process. Harper observes, "I think you're being replaced as Daddy's Little Girl."

At the sub station, Harper finds one of her old costumes that she had made for Alex as a little girl. Alex sarcastically wonders if they would still fit. Harper quips, "I think you just made yourself a peanut butter and jealous sandwich."

Jerry and Maxine enter. Alex reminds Maxine that it's her turn to clean the fryer. Maxine uses her cuteness to her advantage and Jerry gets her out of doing her chores. Justin (David Henrie) snidely remarks that Alex used to do the same thing to him. Alex leaves with Harper to teach her how to clean the fryer.

Maxine tells Jerry that she wants to go to Max's karate class, but that she can't with "these little girl hands." Jerry tells Justin to take her and to say that she's a new student. Justin is reluctant to go to "that part of town," but Jerry insists .

Zeke (Dan Benson) enters the sub station and wonders who Maxine is. The Russos scramble to create a story of Maxine being a cousin from North Dakota who is now living with them.

Zeke observantly wonders why Max isn't here. Alex sarcastically asks Zeke if he and Harper don't have a clog-dancing function to attend. She's actually right--it's the Gaelic Clog Dancing Exhibition and Luncheon.

Jerry pulls Harper aside and tells her to keep Zeke away until they figure out how to turn Maxine back into Max. It won't be easy because Zeke loves hanging out at the sub station.

At the karate studio, the sensei is meditating as Justin and Maxine walk in. Justin asks the sensei if Maxine can join the class. The sensei talks about needing to "become the class," but gives Maxine a chance to prove that she is worthy.

The sensei instructs them to take their shoes off at the dojo. Maxnie still has Max's stinky feet (foot stink, or "fink" as she calls it). Sensei's hours of meditation prevent him from smelling that "fink." Karate is about inner peace.

Maxine demolishes Justin in karate. The sensei loves the sight of a little girl kicking butt. Maxine calls her last move "payback for making me Maxine." Justin wonders what happened to the sensei's inner peace.

Outside the sub station, Harper tries to tell Zeke not to go in. In a panic, Harper lies and tells him that Mr. and Mrs. Russo hate him. Zeke is distraught. "It's family church camp all over again!"

In the kitchen of the sub station, Theresa notices that Alex is wearing her lady bug skit from kindergarten as a shirt and making his favorite sandwich. She asks if Alex is trying to get her father's attention. Theresa says that it's gross to dress too young for your age.

Alex presents the sandwich with six meat balls to a delighted Jerry.

Maxine and Justin enter. Maxine brags about using her stinky feet to rearrange Justin's face. Jerry says that there's nothing cuter than a little girl kicking butt. Justin is not amused.

Maxine tells Justin that she's going to use her cuteness to her advantage. She asks Jerry to take her out for ice cream. Jerry leaves Alex's sandwich behind. He says that the room is starting to smell like Justin's face.

Alex and Justin agree that Maxine needs to go. Theresa enters, wearing one of Alex's skirts as a shirt.

At the house, Zeke makes breakfast for the Russos to get them to stop hating him. Zeke tells the Russos that Harper had told him that they hate him. Theresa and Jerry pull Harper aside, and Harper explains the misunderstanding.

The Russos tell Zeke that they don't hate him. Zeke protests, telling them that he's a taker not a giver. He vows to become a giver by making them breakfast, from food he took from them. Zeke calls himself a failure.

Zeke threatens not to leave until he can get them to like him.

Maxine walks down the stairs and says, "Hey Zekester." Zeke observes that Max used to call him that. He wonders where Max is. The Russos and Harper take Maxine to karate. Zeke is upset that he drove the Russos away from their own home.

At the lair, Justin says that there's nothing in the books to change Max back. Alex tries to swat a fly. Justin casts as fly swatter spell, "fly swat, not rot." Alex happily karate chops the fly.

Justin says that there's nothing in the books to reverse what they did to Max. Alex has the idea to use the spells they performed on Max, but in reverse. Justin warns of the ramifications. Max could turn into an ogre. They're okay with that.

In the living room, Alex and Justin find Zeke doing the laundry. Justin finds his Captain Jim Bob Sherwood boxers.

Zeke observes them whispering about him. Justin reassures Zeke that they are buddies, but Zeke is upset that he's been downgraded from "best friend" to "buddy."

He refuses to leave until he can get them all to like him. Alex replies that she won't like him until he leaves. Zeke is at a crossroads.

Zeke performs a cheesy song from the heart. Justin and Alex leave for the karate studio.

At the studio, Maxine demolishes her opponents. The sensei volunteers Harper as Maxine's next opponent. He mistakes Harper for a student because her white robe resembles a karate uniform. Maxine demolishes Harper too.

Theresa sits down because she does not want to be mistaken for a young student.

Alex and Justin enter and pull Maxine aside. The sensei is upset that they entered the dojo with shoes.

Maxine wants to change back into Max. Theresa wants to take her to get her ears pierced and Maxine is actually starting to like the idea.

Alex and Justin reverse the spells, but it backfires. Maxine is cuter than ever with pigtails and a lollipop. Maxine is not happy. It's payback time.

Jerry and Theresa fawn over the even-cuter Maxine. Maxine volunteers Justin as her next opponent. Alex casts the fly swat, not rot spell, allowing Justin to squash Maxine like a bug.

This too backfires as the crowd boos. Seinsei is upset that Justin would do that to a little girl. Justin tries to explain that Maxine isn't a little girl, but of course, nobody believes him.

Jerry and Theresa fawn over the injured Maxine, reviving her with her "fink" shoes. The crowd applauds when they realize that Maxine is okay.

Alex storms off, telling Jerry, "I'm glad your little girl is okay."

Back at the house, a depressed Alex is watching a movie and eating popcorn. Jerry approaches her and apologizes for getting so caught up with Maxine. He explains that Maxine reminds him of Alex as a little girl.

Alex worries that she's not a little girl anymore. Jerry assures her that she'll always be his little girl. Alex apologizes for being so jealous.

Jerry presents Alex with flapjacks with scary faces. They use the pancake monster faces to scare Harper.

As the credits roll, the Russos tell Zeke that they used to hate him, but that their song won them over. Justin calls Zeke his "best friend." Alex tells him to sing it for Maxine. Maxine tries to object, but she cannot escape the horror of Zeke's song from the heart.