This is season 4, episode 7 of Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place. In this Wizards of Waverly Place episode, Justin must help his delinquent wizard class pass a difficult wand drill, but he becomes distracted when he falls in love with his new student, Rosie, who turns out to be an angel.

Meanwhile, Jerry, Theresa, Harper, and Maxine brainstorm with ways to attract more business to the sub station.

Everything's Rosie for Justin

This Wizards of Waverly Place episode, Everything's Rosie for Justin, begins with Justin (David Henrie) at the lair telling his delinquent class about the day he thought he found a dragon fossil, but that it turned out to be an old rock.

Alex (Selena Gomez) wonders how she and Justin are related. Justin points out that this is show and tell and that we should be supportive of what one another brings. Felix shows off his fuzzy squirrel frog and Justin panics because fuzzy squirrel frogs eat human toes. Justin decides to conduct the rest of his lesson "criss cross apple sauce."

Penny Nichols (Diane Delano) from WizTech enters and informs the class that they have to perform a wand drill. This drill takes discipline, team work, and the grace of a gazelle. She demonstrates. She informs them that if they pass, then they graduate from the delinquent studies class and go back to WizTech. They only have three days to prepare.

Penny gives them a manual which seems small, but it goes on and on. Alex complains that it will take 3 days just to close up the pamphlet. Justin assures her that nothing can get in the way of them learning the material and passing the wand drill.

A pretty red-headed girl named Rosie (Leven Rambin) enters the lair and tells him that she's his new student. Justin drops everything to get to know Rosie.

Later at the lair, Justin is telling the dragon story. Rosie suggests that he put the dragon fossil on a chain and give it to someone (hint hint!) Alex reminds him to focus on the wand drill. Justin tries to focus but reminds Rosie that he's currently single and that he has a habit of saying romantic things off the top of his head. Rosie hears the sound of a fuzzy squirrel frog. The fuzzy squirrel frog escaped Felix's box and is on the loose. The class runs.

At the sub station, Jerry (David Deluise) asks everyone to tell him what's wrong. He points out that there are no customers. He wants to figure out a way to attract more customers. Harper suggests buying better tasting and fresher ingredients.

Jerry observes Maxine (Bailee Madison) and wants to exploit her new cute face. Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) observes that if cuteness was all it took to run as successful restaurant, she would have had that already. Harper (Jennifer Stone) asks about punch cards. Jerry comments that he always loses them before he gets his free stuff. They ask Harper to design the punch cards and publish an ad in the Waverly Weekly. Maxine asks them to keep her disgusting cute face out of it. Theresa comments that it's not cool for people to comment on their own cuteness.

At the lair, Justin leads a practice drill with a table lamp. Rosie drops the lamp and ruins it for the class. Rosie apologizes for letting Justin down again, but Justin assures her that she could never let him down.

Alex pulls him aside for some family time. She asks him to stop focusing on Rosie and back to the wand drill. Alex points out that Justin hasn't noticed the other new student, Nelvis, a pint-sized boy.

In the living room, Justin is making a new student for Rosie--like he does for all his new students. Alex asks Justin to kick Rosie out of the class. They'll never pass the wand drill if she's in it. Justin says that all she needs is a little one-on-one help. Alex chastises him for being willing to throw everything away on a girl he hardly knows. Justin replies, "I know her." Alex responds, "Good, because I have no idea who you are."

At the sub station, a middle-aged customer walks in and orders a sandwich and a punch for his new punch card. Jerry is thrilled about the customer. Theresa says this is better than all the fliers he put on all those cars. Jerry quips that he didn't know it was a junk yard.

The customer returns will a fully-punched card. Harper points out that he punched the card himself. He pretends to have no idea what she's talking about. Cute Maxine gives him the free sandwich.

At the lair, Justin presents the necklace to Rosie. He quips that he also has to give one to Nelvis. She wants to thank him for helping her with the wand drill. He asks her to practice by levitating a vase, which she breaks. He asks her to make the mess disappear. She can't do it. She can't even say the disappearing spell.

Justin realizes that this extra help isn't going to work out. He has to ask her to leave the class. This test is really important and it wouldn't be fair to the rest of the students if she's there. This is good-bye but she doesn't know how to flash out.

Later at the lair, Justin informs the class that he had to ask Rosie to leave. That's the kind of hard decision that a strong leader had to make. He had to leave because he has something in his eye. Felix gripes that Justin is in no condition to help the class. He asks, "how is a ragtag team of misfits like us supposed to beat the odds?" (Glee reference, anyone?)

Alex takes the stand with an inspirational speech. If they believe in each other and what they're doing, then they can succeed even without Justin. The class joins in on a chant of "We. Can. Do. It. I think."

At the sub station, the customer enters with a group of hungry people looking to redeem their punch cards. Jerry responds that they changed their promotion. Now you have to buy ten sandwiches to get the free sandwich. The customers make an additional punch on their cards. The customers demand their free sandwiches.

Theresa worries that the customers will bankrupt them. Harper yells at Maxine for not letting Jerry exploiting her obnoxiously cute face. Maxine finally steps in to save them by standing on a chair and crying about how what will happen to her if they take free sandwiches.

Maxine cries that she won't have enough money for school, books, or bows for her hair. The customers see her cute face and have a change of heart. They can't take money from the cute little girl. They decide to go to the frozen yogurt place where they can buy one and eat at the topping bar all day.

Maxine's character is very different fro dim-witted Max. Max would likely never have come up with such a plan on his own. The Russos head for the topping bar to buy one free yogurt and feed the whole family.

At the lair, Alex is practicing with the class when Rosie enters to wish them luck and that they couldn't have done it with her. She wants the class to stop her to tell her that she wasn't that bad, but they leave to eat sandwiches instead.

Alex tells Rosie that it wasn't personal. Rosie asks Alex to give Justin the necklace. Alex realizes that Rosie likes Justin back. Rosie thinks Justin is sweet and smart. She wants to get to know him better. Alex thought that Rosie and passing the wand drill were an either/or, but maybe not. Alex reluctantly offers to help Rosie.

Just before the wand drill, Alex performs the copycat spell on Rosie so that she'll do everything Alex does. "This that copycat." It works. Justin wonders what Rosie's doing here. Alex and Rosie tell him to relax and just go with it.

The wand drill starts off beautifully because Rosie is doing exactly what Alex is doing. Penny is impressed. Justin toots his own horn as a strong leader. Suddenly there is a squeaking sound. Justin sees the fuzzy squirrel frog on Alex's foot. Alex and Rosie shake their legs and scream, "get it off me!" Justin assures Penny that this is part of the routine. Felix asks the class to do what Alex and Rosie are doing.

The fuzzy squirrel frog is on Alex's back. She and Rosie remove their wizard robes and Rosie is revealed to have angel's wings. Alex and Rosie gasp, "oh my gosh. She's an angel." Alex reverses the spell, "not this, nor that, no copycat."

Rosie explains that she pretended to be a wizard in order to meet Justin. She didn't tell him before because she wanted him to accept her as a person and not as an angel. She really likes him. Justin likes her too.

Penny breaks the news that the class failed the wand drill. Nelvis quips, "that's what we get for letting the hot girl back." The class glares at Alex. Alex points to the fuzzy squirrel frog. They think she's faking, but she isn't.

Alex brings a batch of brownies to Felix and the class. She apologizes. She explains that not a lot of girls like Justin, so she wanted to give him a shot. Felix forgives her because he's used to failing. Besides, Justin is dating an angel--that's like dating a supermodel with wings.

Justin and Rosie seem happily in love. Justin feels like he's in a dream and thinks somebody should pinch him. Nelvis pinches him.

Everything's Rosie for Justin is the first episode in the trilogy, Wizards vs. Angels.