This is season 4, episode 8 of Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place. In this episode, Dancing With Angels, Rosie takes Alex, Justin, and Harper to a secret angels-only club in Los Angeles. Alex, Justin, and Harper disguise themselves in angels' costumes, but the manager suspects them when he realizes that Alex and Harper can't fly. The manager later suspects them of being angels of darkness.

Unbeknownst to Justin, Rosie's wings reveal her true colors at the end.

Meanwhile, Alex has promised Maxine Ozzy Osbourne's star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame if she agrees not to tell Jerry and Theresa where Alex and Justin are going. In order to blackmail Maxine into telling, they enter her into a pageant.

Dancing With Angels

This Wizards of Waverly Place, Dancing With Angels, begins with Justin (David Henrie) and Rosie (Leven Rambin) on a date. Justin is putting on a fake French accent to go with the fake French scenery. He comments that a travel agent had helped him with the fake French scenery. Rosie impressed that Justin recycled. Justin remarks that when he's around angels, he's motivated to do good things.

Rosie talks about other good things, like mind messages. She sends a mind message, "I like you." Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) enters the terrace and spoils Justin's romantic evening. She asks Jerry (David Deluise) to come out and see what Justin did for his girlfriend. Jerry enters with a load of beach equipment and complains that everyone treats him like the family pack mule.

Justin complains that it can't get any worse. Alex (Selena Gomez) enters and screams on the phone to Harper (Jennifer Stone). Alex takes something from Justin's table and complains that it's hot. She spits it out and it lands on Harper who also complains that it's hot.  Alex tells Harper to come on up. Maxine (Bailee Madison) enters and excitedly comments that "we're in Paris." The entire family crashes Justin's dinner with Rosie.

At the sub station, Justin complains to Rosie that he can always count on his family to embarrass him. The only thing missing was his dad sucking hot cheese through a snorkel. He did do that. Rosie offers a do-over date.

Alex suggests the hot new angel club in LA, but it's angels only. Rosie doesn't think it's a good idea for Alex and Justin to go. Alex suggests that being around all those angels will be a good influence on Alex. Harper chastises Alex for manipulating an angel. Alex offers to take Harper, her best friend, along. Harper is thrilled and plays along with Alex's plan.

Justin protests, but Rosie sends a mind message that she can't wait to dance with Justin at the angel club. Harper is happy that she finally has an excuse to make angel wings.

Justin asks Alex not to ruin his date because Rosie is out of his league. After Juliet, he didn't think he'd find anyone that he felt this way about again. Alex agrees to stay out of his way, but if it doesn't work out with Rosie, Alex will fix him up with Glenda from the hardware store. Glenda's in his league because her head is shaped like a raindrop.

Alex is startled to find Maxine hiding behind the cash register. Maxine threatens to tell their parents that they are going to an angel club in LA without their permission. Maxine wants Alex to bring her a souvenir--Ozzy Osbourne's star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Alex agrees, and Maxine is satisfied.

Justin and Rosie flash into Hollywood. Justin says that standing in front of the Hollywood sign with Rosie is like a dream. Alex and Harper flash in, commenting on how much they love LA. Nobody notices two teen-aged girls in angel wings carrying a sign from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They're just looking for celebrities.

Harper asks Alex if it will be awkward dancing around with a heavy star all night. Alex performs a spell, "key largo, key west, key chain."

The secret entrance to the angel club is inside the Hollywood sign.

Zedrik the manager stops them because he hasn't seen them before. They don't know about all the fun they're going to have. Zedrik lets them in. Zedrik stops them and asks them where they're from. Alex offers "Angelopolisville." Zedrik says, "I don't think so. Tonight you live on the dance floor!" He stops them again to make sure those aren't angels of darkness wings. Alex says no. Zedrik is satisfied because angels don't lie.

Harper asks Rosie what angels of darkness are. Rosie explains that they are bad angels. If you get to close, they can make you do bad things. Justin quips that they have those in the wizard world. "It's called Alex!"

At the sub station, Jerry asks where Alex, Justin, and Harper are. They didn't show up for work. Maxine is covering their shifts. She's doing Alex's now by reading magazines. Theresa asks where they are. She threatens to send Maxine to her room. She loves her room. Maxine isn't talking. She has a lot riding on this.

Theresa sees an advertisement for the Little Miss Waverly Place pageant. It's not too late to enter your 7-12 year old girl. It's Max's choice: answer where Alex, Justin, and Harper are or answer the question "what will you be doing for the talent portion of the competition?" Maxine is stuck but doesn't talk.

At the club, Alex and Harper are happily dancing as Zedrik leads the angel slide. Meanwhile, Justin is trying to take photos of him and Rosie to commemorate the date, but the wings block her face. Rosie tries to kiss Justin, but panics when she sees Alex and Harper on the dance floor. Rosie has to stop them from doing the angel slide. Zedrik instructs the dancers to fly up, but Alex and Harper can't.

Zedrik realizes that they are not angels. No one's going anywhere until he finds out what's going on. Zedrik asks them to prove that they are angels by flying. Nobody passes up the flying part. It's the only fun part of the angel slide.

Rosie sends a mind message that she'll do the right thing by telling him that they're not angels. She'll take responsibility for bringing them there. Justin won't let her take the blame. He asks Alex to distract Zedrik. Justin casts a spell on Harper and tries to show Zedrik that Harper can fly. Harper screams as she whisks through the air and slams against a wall.

Zedrik has another test. All angels can play the harp and sing. He hands Alex a harp.

At the house, Theresa finishes putting make-up on Maxine. Maxine tells her parents that they're bluffing and that she won't tell them where Alex and Justin are. Theresa shows Maxine her reflection. Maxine panics, "what have you done to me!...because I love it. You can't crack me."

Theresa is forced to bring out a pink cowgirl costume. Jerry quips, "get along little doggie!"

At the club, Alex and Justin perform an awkward harp song. Zedrik is satisfied that they're horrible wing-toned uncoordinated, tone-deaf angels. Alex's key chain hits the floor and it turns back into Ozzy Osbourne's star. Zedrik realizes that they took the star. If they're angels, then they're angels of darkness. He sounds the alarm and everyone flees.

Justin can't find Rosie. Justin is upset. This is exactly why he didn't want Alex to come. He knew she'd ruin it. Alex didn't mean to, but Justin argues that Alex never means to do it. She just does. Alex has ruined Justin's second chance at love. Alex decides to take the star back to Hollywood. Being in these angel costumes makes her want to do the right thing. She hopes it wears off. They flash out.

At the pageant, Theresa tells Max that she is the cutest little cowgirl she's ever seen. Max is sulking. Jerry thinks Max has a really good chance of winning the pageant. The announcer calls Maxine to the stage. As the judges beckon Maxine, she finally gives in and tells her parents that Alex, Justin, and Harper went with Rosie to Los Angeles to some angel club.

Jerry is satisfied. Rosie's an angel so they're okay. Theresa makes Maxine go on stage anyway. Maxine argues that she already told them where they were. Theresa doesn't care about anything except winning the competition. Once on stage, the music starts and Maxine thinks, "aw what the heck." She dances a country dance for the audience and throws her hat to a happy Theresa.

Outside the club, Rosie approaches Justin. Justin thought Rosie had taken off, but Rosie says that she just lost Justin in all that chaos. Justin apologizes for their second date being even worse than the first one. Rosie assures him that they will have lots of dates. He tells that she means a lot to him.

Rosie asks why he's trying so hard. Justin confides that he was in love once and lost her. He's been given a second chance and doesn't want to mess this up. Rosie tells him that nothing can mess this up. As they share a hand-holding romantic moment on the balcony, unbeknownst to Justin, Rosie's wings are revealed to be black. She's an angel of darkness.

At the sub station, Harper wonders if Max will be upset that they don't have Ozzy Osbourne's star. Maxine storms in with the cowgirl costume. Alex realizes that Max has much bigger problems. Jerry and Theresa enter with a trophy. Max won the pageant! Max has two weeks to learn how to lasso because they're going to regionals!

Dancing With Angels is the second episode in the Wizards of Waverly Place trilogy, Wizards vs. Angels.