This is season 4, episode 9 of Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place. In this episode, Wizards vs. Angels, the battle between good and evil comes to a head.

Alex notices that Justin is behaving strangely and that his girlfriend, Rosie, is influencing him to do bad things. Alex seeks help from the angel realm where she meets Tina, a guardian angel in training who tells her that Rosie is an angel of darkness. Rosie had been tricking Justin all along as part of a mission from the dark realm.

Meanwhile, Harper forces Maxine to have a slumber because she never got to have one herself.

Wizards vs. Angels

This Wizards of Waverly Place episode, Wizards vs. Angels, begins with Alex (Selena Gomez) complaining about how she has to watch Harper (Jennifer Stone) take forever to lug heavy delivery boxes inside while she sits and "stands guard." Alex drinks her smoothie and complains about brain freeze.

She spots lovebirds Justin (David Henrie) and Rosie (Leven Rambin). Justin steals flowers from a vendor without paying for them, which is very out of character for him. Harper points out that he's allergic to flowers and that when he leans in for a kiss, he'll sneeze and give her a "head butt."

Alex tells Justin that he's never stolen anything in his life. Rosie corrects her because he's stolen her heart.

Jerry (David Deluise) walks by and also notices that Justin is acting weird. Normally he won't even use the bathroom at the sub station without buying something first. Jerry points out that angels are supposed to influence people to do good, but that Rosie's doing the opposite.

Jerry asks Alex to talk to some guardian angels to find out what's going on. Jerry sits on a delivery box and "sits guard" while Harper is stuck moving boxes. Jerry drinks the smoothie and gets brain freeze.

Back at the sub station, Theresa (Maria Canals Barrera) gets off the phone with Mr. Laritate (Bill Chott) who wants to know when Mex is returning to school. Jerry wonders how they can send Max to school if he's still Maxine. Maxine (Bailee Madison) can't even spell BLT. He/she needs to go to school.

Alex walks into a dark alley and sees the words Hallelujah Angel Food Cake Company. She knocks on the bricks. A young girl approaches and Alex and wonders what she's doing. Alex tries to bluff, but the girl knows that Alex is worried about somebody, and that somebody is her brother.

The young girl is Tina (China McClain), a guardian angel in training. She knows that Alex is a wizard. She can see the wand sticking out of her boot. Alex asks Tina to show her where the guardian angel dispatch center is. Tina is excited to finally be able to help someone. Usually they tell her that she's too young.

Tina opens the brick door and reveals a bright light. Tina tells her to run because the light attracts moths. Alex puts on her sunglasses because she doesn't run.

Inside, Tina shows Alex the call center where calls for help come in. There are golden poles that angels slide down to help people. There's also a giant moral compass and an air hockey table. Alex would wipe the table with those guys in air hockey if she wasn't here to help her brother.

Tina shows Alex the moral compass. When it's pointed to good, it gives guardian angels the power to influence people to do good. It would only point to bad if the angels of darkness took over. Then everyone everywhere would be acting terrible to each other. Man, that's a scary thought.

The head guardian angel tells her to stop scouting out for people to help. She's not ready for her wings.

Alex explains that her brother is suddenly acting bad. That's not supposed to be the case since his girlfriend is an angel. The head angel agrees to dispatch Monty to check it out. Alex thinks Monty is kind of cute.

Alex thanks Tina and is ready to leave. Tina begs to come with her so she can help more. Alex flashes out and Tina follows her down the pole.

Back at school, Theresa and Jerry tell Mr. Laritate that Max is participating in a cousin exchange program. He's in Fargo, North Dakota while Maxine is ready to live the life of a big city girl. Mr. Laritate wonders why they exchanged Max but not Alex. It feels like a lost opportunity.

Mr. Laritate welcomes Maxine to fourth grade. Maxine complains about having to have Mrs. Bealano again. Jerry explains that there is a Ms. Bealano in every school.

Maxine sees Eddie G. and the guys. She tries to hang with them and hang noobs, but they laugh her off. Maxine can't hang with her old friends. She has to make friends with fourth grade girls. They ask Harper how to fit in at school. Harper tells Maxine to never stand out or draw attention to herself. This is funny because Harper is wearing a broccoli dress.

Outside the sub station, Tina sees Alex returning and wonders what took her so long. Alex tells her that usually when she ditch people, their feelings get hurt and they don't try to find her. Tina wants to help so she'll get closer to getting her wings. Tina doesn't give up. Alex likes that.

Justin and Rosie arrive. Justin is using his wand to pull tear a guy's bag open. Alex wonders where Justin's guardian angel is. Tina recognizes Rosie. Rosie was her teacher back when she was a guardian angel. She's an angel of darkness now.

Alex puts two and two together and realizes why Justin is acting bad. Justin pops a balloon and makes a baby cry. Rosie's changing him. Alex confronts him in the sub station. She tells him that Rosie's an angel of darkness and that she's been deceiving him.

Rosie and Tina have a cold exchange. Tina still hasn't gotten her wings, but says she will even if she doesn't have a teacher anymore.

Rosie reveals to Justin that she's not the kind of angel he thinks. She wanted to wait until the time was right. She reveals her wings to be black. Before, she had made her wings white so he wouldn't judge her.

Alex tells Rosie to get out. She agrees--if that's what Justin wants. Justin embraces Rosie. He doesn't care what kind of angel she is as long as they're together.

Tina asks Rosie why she can't just stop hurting these people. Tina wants her to come back and be her guardian teacher again.

Rosie doesn't have time for this. She wants to do something fun with Justin. Justin opens the cash register and steals a handful of cash. Justin and Rosie leave the sub station.

Alex wonders why Justin's guardian angel isn't protecting him. Tina knows how to find out. She makes a swishing noise because she doesn't have her wings.

Back at the house, Maxine enters and tells her parents that her days stunk. Whatever mom's cooking does too. Harper tells Theresa that Maxine didn't make any friends. Harper told her to zero in on one friend and move in with her family.

Harper has another way for Max to meet tons of new friends. She wants to host a slumber party. She's bitter because she never had one herself. Harper asks Jerry and Theresa if she can host a slumber party. Jerry says no, but that's a problem. The doorbell rings and a bunch of screaming girls enter the house.

Harper is excited, but Maxine is terrified.

At the Hallelujah Angel Food Cake Company alley, Justin asks Rosie what they're about to do next. Rosie points to a door that leads to the guardian angel dispatch center. An angel of darkness like her can't go in, so she wants Justin to go in and steal the moral compass.

There's a powerful leader in the dark realm wants it, and if he gets it, they'll be able to stay together in the dark realm forever. Justin opens the door. It's bright.

The head angel greets him. Justin finds the moral compass and tells him that he's going to steal it. He prevents her from pushing the red alarm button. She announces that he's going to steal the moral compass and asks the angels to stop him. He uses a spell to slow them down so they won't be able to catch him.

Outside the sub station, Tina shows Alex a halo that allows you to see angels. Angels aren't visible unless they want to be seen. Tina shows Alex the unseen guardian angels. They're everywhere, except bathrooms because their wings can't fit in the stalls.

They find Monty tied up on a bench. He tells them that when he came to look after Justin Russo, Rosie did this to him. Alex wants to know why Rosie is trying to steer Justin to the bad side. Monty doesn't know. All he has is a piece of paper he snatched before she left.

Alex reads the paper. It's Rosie's angel of darkness to-do list: 1) take Justin Russo to angel club 2) shampoo wings 3) get Justin to steal moral compass.

Alex asks Monty what part of the list was confusing to him. Monty is no longer cute to her.

At the house, Harper is monopolizing a game of Twister. She won't let the other girls play until she falls down. Maxine kicks her down. Maxine asks Harper to break up the slumber party or else she'll put rattlesnakes in their underwear and call the cops to break it up. Maxine still has her wand. Harper threatens Maxine not to break up the slumber party.

One of the girls wants to go home, but Harper won't let her. Harper forces them to dance.

In the dark realm, Rosie enters and tells Master Gorog that they have succeeded. Gorog wants to know where the mighty wizard they have chosen to fulfill their dream is. Justin enters with the compass, crowing about how "this is soooo cool!"

Gorog takes the moral compass. He announces that they now have the power to convince mortals to make the darkest of choices. This fine corrupt wizard has brought the dawn of a dark new day. He turns the compass to bad.

Justin toots his own horn. He asks Gorog for a reward. Rosie warns him to be careful, but Justin insists he wants wings. Gorog comments on the vanity and greed. He gives Justin dark wings. Everyone claps. Justin wants and evil crop of thunder. Gorog tells Justin not to ask for more.

Gorog casts a dark shadow over earth. Justin wants a glowy hand thingy. Gorog says no more.

Back at the sub station, an angry customer complains that the sandwich is dry. Theresa is about to apologize but argues back. They get into a screaming match and Jerry douses him with ketchup and mustard.

Alex thinks it's hilarious, but Tina says it's mean. She needs Alex to stay focused so they can find Justin and stop him from stealing the moral compass. Tina puts two and two together. Alex's parents are acting bad, and Alex is too. Justin has already stolen the compass and given it to the angels of darkness.

Tina tells Alex that she's being influenced by evil forces and that she needs to fight it in order to save Justin. Alex shooes her away and tells her to do that annoying flapping sound with her mouth. Alex burns her mouth on tobasco sauce.

At the slumber party, Harper and the girls are asking Maxine to kiss the pillow and pretend it's Zac Efron. As thunder rolls, Harper asks Max to punch Zac Efron.

Maxine doesn't want to hang out with squealing girls. She wants to hang with guys her own age. Harper breaks the news that the slumber was for herself, not Maxine. Maxine retaliates by turning the girls into older guys, but the spell backfires and the girls become old men.

Harper plays along and asks one of the geezers to braid her hair.

Back in the dark realm, Justin's dorky personality makes one of the dark angels walk away in disgust. Gorog tells Rosie that her wizard friend is interesting. Rosie thinks Justin's cute, but Gorog means that Justin is strange. Rosie will be rewarded for her work, by getting to decide how Justin will be destroyed.

Rosie protests that it was never part of the plan. He brought the compass as Gorog asked. Rosie wants Gorog to let him go. Gorog accuses her of having sympathy and being weak. She's an angel of darkness. He will not let her betray him. Justin must be destroyed because he's an outsider.

Justin thanks Rosie for showing him the evil of his good ways (does that make sense?) Rosie tells him that they have to get out of here. She cares about him. She tells him that Gorog plans to destroy him.

Justin doesn't believe her. He thinks Gorog needs him. Justin declares that he's no longer a wizard. He's an angel of darkness. Thanks to Rosie, he now knows where he belongs. Justin breaks his wand.

Rosie regrets what she's done and flees.

Back at the lair, Rosie approaches Alex for help, but Alex doesn't want to be bothered. She has a bag full of six angry badgers that she's going to use to spoil the slumber party.

Rosie tells Alex that Justin is being held by Gorog. Alex quips that Gorog sounds like an extra that you add to a smoothie. Rosie protests that Gorog is an angel of darkness who is going to destroy Justin. Alex asks why Rosie brought him to Gorog.

Rosie says that she was tricked too. Alex laughs and doesn't believe her. Rosie tells her that she followed Gorog's plan but that she never expected to fall in love with Justin.

Alex sees that Rosie is crying. Angels of darkness aren't supposed to cry. Falling in love has made her good. Rosie begs Alex to help Justin. There's still some piece of good in Alex. She finds the good in herself and leaves as she asks Rosie to hold the bag of badgers.

Back at the angel dispatch center, Alex enters and sees that the angels aren't answering the help calls. She asks them to help save Justin. Over the loud speaker, she tells them that they have some dark realm butt to kick.

The head angel tells her that it's too late. The moral compass has been set to bad and guardian angels are powerless. She can't even scratch her own wings.

She tells Alex that Tina went to the dark realm to try to help Justin. Alex realize that Tina's powerless by herself. She's going for back up. The angel tells Alex that wizard powers are weak in the dark realm. She gives Alex the spare set of wings that they keep for emergencies. She'll need them to get to the dark realm.

Alex wants lasers but all she's getting is feathers. Oh well. She'll still look cute anyway.

Justin tells Gorog that he broke his wand. That should prove his loyalty. He wants an angel of darkness handbook. He wants to know if his shirt should be tucked or untucked. Gorog tells his minions to seize Justin. They are about to throw him over the ledge. Gorog is about to remove Justin's wings and let him fall to his death.

Justin protests. He tells Gorog that he gave him everything he wanted. Tina enters and tells Gorog to leave Justin alone and asks them to give back the moral compass. They laugh. She's about to make them all cry. She single-handedly fights Gorog's minions who are big men.

Justin seizes Tina and offers to dispose of her if Gorog will let him live and spend his days guarding the moral compass. Tina protests that she's here to save Justin.

Alex awkwardly flies in and tells him to stop. Gorog offers to let Justin prove his loyalty. Alex reasons with Justin and tells him that he's not an angel of darkness. He's a wizard, and a good wizard who knows in his heart that he doesn't belong there. Justin laughs diabolically.

Alex seizes the moral compass and tries to fly away, but Justin stops her. Tina tells Alex to turn the compass to good. She does, but Justin turns it to bad.

Back at the slumber party, everyone's behavior is influenced by which way the moral compass turns. Jerry and Theresa enter to see them pillow and sword fighting. They want in on the pillow fighting.

Back in the dark realm, Gorog asks his minions to stop Alex. Gorog seizes her wand, but Rosie fights him and the wand falls off the ledge. Rosie tells Gorog that she's sorry that she did this for him. Gorog tells her that angels of darkness aren't supposed to feel sorry.

Alex points the moral compass to good and says, "she does now."

Back at the slumber party, everyone stops fighting. Theresa comments on the mess. Maxine apologizes for the dirty pillow and promises to pay for a new one with his allowance. She also apologizes for turning the little girls into old men. Jerry tells her it's okay as long as she turns them back.

Thunder rolls and the compass points to evil again. Maxine suggests that they turn the old men into fruit. Jerry wants them to be talking fruit so they can beg them not to eat them. Maxine turns the old men into talking fruit. The fruits want to go home. This party stinks.

Back in the dark realm, Rosie tries to knock Justin out with the halo, but his Alex instead. Oops. Alex and Justin fight over the compass as they both begin to fly. Alex grabs the compass, but Gorog threatens to destroy Rosie if she doesn't hand it over. Alex turns the compass to good, and Gorog feels pain.

Justin turns it to bad and says his allegiance lies with Gorog. Rosie stops them. She tells Justin that she's sorry. She pretended to fall in love with Justin, but he made that love real.

When he realizes that she really loves him, he becomes good again. He turns the compass to good and tells Alex to return it to the guardian angels. Alex kicks Gorog's minion as she and Tina leave.

As Gorog moans, Justin and Rosie embrace and kiss. Rosie's angels turn to white and Justin's dark wings disappear. Gorog tells Rosie that she betrayed him. He tells her to get out. Justin says he's going too. He uses his broken wand to flash them out.

Back at the lair, Justin and Rosie have a bumpy landing. Justin apologizes. It's kind of hard to have a soft landing with a broken wand.

Rosie tells Justin that she deceived him and doesn't deserve to be with him. She wants to start over again.

Justin tells Rosie that he forgives her, but that they can't be together. The world is a fragile place, always teetering between good and bad. Look how easy it was for him to forget what was right. He wants to be with her, but not as much as the world needs a guardian angel.

Rosie doesn't think she has what it takes to be a guardian angel again. Justin tells her that she saved him, and that when the rest of the world turned bad, she stayed good. Justin will miss her. Rosie asks him to do something bad every once in awhile so she'll have a reason to come visit.

As Rosie's leaving, Justin smashes a bottle and Rosie laughs.

At the dispatch center, the head angel sings a bombastic hallelujah as she puts the moral compass back where it belongs. She thinks it was the right time to sing that.

She tells Alex and Tina that they had the courage to go where no guardian angel dared. For Alex's bravery, they're letting her keep the wings. She's relieved that they don't want the wings back because those wings were mangled in the fight.

The head angel promotes Tina to full guardian angel. There's someone who wants to congratulate her. Rosie's back. She rings a bell and Tina gets her wings. Tina wants to watch over Alex Russo, but Alex promises to be good this time. Alex flashes out and tells Tina not to follow.

The phone rings, and Alex has already done something bad. Tina happily leaves for her assignment.

Late at night, Alex enters the lair and asks Justin why he's still up. Justin has something for her--he found her wand in Washington Square. A two-headed dog had it. Justin's pretty sure he didn't start out that way.

Alex asks Justin about his wand. It's still broken and covered with duct tape. He owes her something else. He hugs her and thanks her for saving him. She says that it was for all the times he saved her when she wasn't so good--and for all the times in the future. They're even.

Justin tells Alex that she saved the world today. Alex tells Justin that he gave up a girl to protect it. Alex wonders why they have to keep dealing with stuff like this. Justin says they're wizards. He doesn't think they have a choice.

In the kitchen, the fruits are telling annoying knock knock jokes. Knock knock. Who's there? Apple. Apple who? Knock knock. Who's there? Lemon. Lemon who? Lemon know if you want me to say apple again.

Harper tells Alex that all they do is tell bad fruit jokes. Jerry gets the blender.

This is part 3 of the Wizards of Waverly Place trilogy, Wizards vs. Angels.