Body piercing amuses many people who like funky or stylish looks; however, there are few things that should be kept in mind while deciding on getting your pricks. To some it may look scary but they are just the guideline to avoid any unfortunate incident. Even those who already have a number of pricks may end up in a bad situation. As piercing is once again in vogue, many girls and boys are going for it and these tips will help in perfect planning.  There are many people who are practicing giving holes to others without having any training. Few of these even use their own self for experiments. Make sure that you do not end up being to any of such person who has no experience. You should also discourage friends to take such decisions of starting their own piercing business without proper training

1. Select an experienced person

Piercing is not as simple as it looks, with a tool make a hole anywhere on tongue or ear and you are done, no no, there are a lot of technicalities involved. Selecting a wrong person for the job may lead you to certain problems like two holes not matching with each other, or a hole at a wrong place. The experts would always first mark the place and ask you for your opinion. Especially in case of ear piercing, it has to be observed that the hole is in centre and the two holes are exactly on the same place on respective ears. Have you ever noticed women with one earning facing the opposite direction while once faces the other, the problem is in pierce and not with the centre of gravity of the earrings? Consult your friends before you select a right piercing person for you and learn from their experiences

2. Sterilized tools are must

Sterilization is very important and needs to be considered with utmost attention and care. Never ever, agree to get pricks if you are not satisfied with the sterilization of tools. Use of unsterilized tools can give you infection and the risk is not worth taking. If the infections get worst, you may be hospitalized as well and the pain is going to be unbearable. In worst conditions, one may have to get rid of his lower ear, or even tongue. In order to avoid any such situations it is of utmost importance that you make sure that the person you visit for piercing has sterilized his tools and re-sterilizes it after every use. 

3. Where to get a prick

Once the decision about selecting a right person is made and you are sure that he is expert, his set up is also appealing and there are no doubts about his skills the next important decision is, where do you need to get this prick. Although many people exactly know what they want when it comes to body piercing, however for few the process of deciding a right spot also requires some brainstorming and logical reasoning. Nothing to worry much, the hole is not going to stay forever, in case you do not like the pierce you may remove earning or whatever you are wearing in it and the hole will be closed in few months. The bingers may as if to start with some common place like ears, however those who already have few holes may have to think over for a new one, the choice of body part is your personal. No matter where you get your next prick, what matters is from whom and how you get it.

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