WoW Fishing Bots Cataclysm

Fishing in world of warcraft is one of the most tedious professions there are. It is a secondary professions so everyone is allowed to get fishing on top of their primary professions. It is useful to have fishing along with cooking to get extra gold and to also cook the fish for potions and elixirs to help you during dungeons and raids.


Leveling Fishing

Fishing is leveled just like all the other professions in the wow game. You have to gather fish to increase your level until you get to the max level. Once at the max level you can fish in cataclysm areas and get cataclysm fish. This is a great way to make gold in wow and it goes along great with cooking for buffs. Fish are worth a lot on the Auction House and when use wow fishing bots can make loads of gold in the game.

WoW Fishing Bots

Fishing bots have now been updated to work in the cataclysm expansion. This is great because you can now use the wow bots to farm fish automated and come back to bags full of fish to sell for lots of gold. WoW Fish bots will automate the process of fishing and save you loads of time. No one wants to sit there and fish all night long when you have better things to do with you time. Make sure you use a good cataclysm fish bot to make sure that your account is safe and that your bot runs well.


Fishing applied to cooking is very profitable and they are both professions that are secondary. You can use a fishing bot to gather all the fish and then use cooking to make raid items and foods that can sell for lots of gold on the auction house. The possibilities are endless when using fish bots. The bots also come with many other features that can inhance your game play. The bot has features to level, gather herbs and ore, pvp, do battlegrounds, sell items, travel to new towns, and much more.