WoW Pets

Believe it or not World of Warcraft Pets are one of the most important parts of making WoW the popular game it is today. If you're wondering why WoW pets are important at all, then read on to find out.

First we should go through the different types of Pets in the most popular game in the world:

Hunter Pets: Hunters Pets in WoW are to considered the elite pets in the World of Warcraft. Hunter players can choose any pet to be their loyal companion, and this pet will grow and get stronger with the player as he gains experience and kills monsters. The hunter pets have their unique abilities depending on what kind of beast they are. If hunter pets are left unchecked, they can singlehandedly kill opposing players in a short amount of time, they are definitely the most dangerous pets in WoW.

Warlock Pets: Warlock's pets are much more limited than those of Hunters. They have one major purpose usually, either to tank, or additional DPS, or some additional crowd control. The Warlock can't even choose the name of their WoW pet as it's automatically chosen for them

WoW Vanity Collector Pets: WoW Collector Pets are the most popular types of pets in WoW because anyone can own them. Today there are over a hundred different types of WoW NPC pets for you to choose from. These pets have become so popular that Blizzard set up a specific shop where you can purchase new exclusive pets for a fixed amount of real money.

Now that we have covered the different types of pets in WoW, we can discuss why they have become such a big part of the game. The reason is twofold:

One is that players spend an enormous amount of time in these virtual worlds, often times by themselves and can feel lonely. Believe it or not, these cartoon pets following them everywhere makes them feel just abit better as they make believe that it's their real pet.

The second reason is that in virtual worlds, it is often hard to differentiate yourself from the pack and stand out. Everyone looks similar, acts similar, dresses similar. This is why having a really rare pet is so appealing to Warcraft players. If you're the only person with this super rare pet, you feel really proud of yourself and other people look at you with envy.

That covers this look at how something so simple as WoW Pets have helped Warcraft become such a success over the last 5 years.