To be frank, wolf moon shirts are truly amazing. It takes a true artist to create the best wolf moon shirt. A well crafted wolf moon scene has been known to make supermodels faint. Two wolf tee shirts have stood out from the pack in recent years.

Who shall we proclaim the most intrinsic wolf tee shirt in all of the land?

Thousands of wolf moon scenes have been designed by master wolf shirt craftsmen since the beginning of time, and it all comes down to this.

Wolf T Shirt #1 Born to Roam Truck Driver Wolf Teewolf tee shirt

There is no denying that this wolf shirt makes a statement. What we have here is the first successful semi truck wolf combination. I know what you're thinking....Why? Why is this the first time this analogy has been explored? Semi trucks roam the highways and interstates in packs (communicating on radios). Wolves travel in packs as well, although they communicate by howling. Semi trucks and wolves are one in the same, Born to Roam.

Wolf T Shirt #2 Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee
three wolf moon shirt

The wolf t shirt comments section explains everything you need to know about this magnificent design concept. Remember that it only takes one wolf moon scene for a supermodel to bow down at your feet. Now take a deep breathe, remain seated, and imagine the power of three wolves. I know it is scary, but this wolf moon tee shirt has that kind of potential. This shirt does create a mythical presence that can bring harmony to any social situation.

Best Wolf Moon Tee Shirt

The showdown between the tee shirts you have seen is in no joke. Please do not write these works of art off as a funny wolf shirt fad. Three Wolf Moon has received the most media attention, with over 1,000 comments about the magical powers of the shirt. Born to Roam could be the Cinderella story of this epic battle when the dust clears. It is up to you to decide who the best wolf tee shirt is.