The characteristics of wolves have mesmerized people since time immemorial that it is no surprise why wolf tattoo designs are popular. People would have no question about their aggressive nature but at the same time, people can also describe them as soothing.

Like their close relatives, they are perceived as loyal companions. It may be confusing but many would also see wolves as very independent creatures. The number of myths and beliefs attached to them add up to those who like this symbol to be a part of their tattoo. Native American tribes have used wolves to symbolize intellect as well as guidance. There are also Celtic and Roman myths associated to this creature and each would characterize wolves differently.

No matter how different the symbolism of wolves is, it all boils down to what it represents to the one who would be getting the tattoo. The most important is the person's level of understanding for each aspect of the design.

An individual has to be able to relate it to himself so that it can have more worth. Some people may be boggled about seemingly irrelevant symbols in a tattoo design. Once they ask the person why it is so, they begin to nod in approval. If an individual's reasons are substantial, then their tattoo can be set apart from other wolf tattoo designs. They would never have to feel ordinary if they know how their tattoo is special to them.

The different faces of wolves allowed tattoo artists to play with varied designs. If they want to showcase the wolf's aggression then they should work on ones bearing its teeth or ones that have piercing eyes. If they wish to focus on the majestic appearance then they can choose commanding stances over those that seem passive.

The individual can also decide on how colorful the final design should be. Some people would say that multi-colored ones look cheaper than monochromatic ones. Browsing through a few wolf tattoo designs would be enough to prove that it is not the case. Both monochromatic and multihued tattoos can look good if designs are well planned.