If there is anything that Wolfgang Puck has learned from years of pleasing of Hollywood A-listers it is that a chef must only cook with the best if wants his dish to become the finest and the greatest; and for a cookware that carries his name, the Wolfgang Puck Cookware needs to follow the standard that has been set by this world class chef. With his piquant and bold kitchen technique, now comes Wolfgang Puck Cookware, a professional-quality cookware that reflects Wolfgang's attention to details and passion for perfection. Read on to know more about Wolfgang Puck's kitchenware and why this chef thinks that his cookware line may be the key for you and your family to "Live, Love, and Eat!"

Wolfgang Puck Cookware Sets

If watching Wolfgang Puck cook with his line of kitchenware makes you want to shop for the Wolfgang Puck Cookware in the hopes that your meal, at the very least, would look good as his, we have here prepared a list of some kitchenware products that Wolfgang Puck is proud to put his name on.

The Good News: Aside from affordability? We recommend Wolfgang Puck cookware set as they are made from stainless steel, a guarantee that a set is, for one, durable for heavy duty cooking and, two, non-reactive. For starters, all cookware are equipped with tempered glass cover for easy monitoring. It's also designed with a drip-free rim to allow easy pouring for sauces and heavy broth.

Is there a downside? Stainless steels are also known to not cook meals evenly, so if you're just starting out with the kitchen, this may not be exactly good news. Here the tri-ply bottoms of each cookware comes really helpful, this addition is specifically designed to evenly distribute heat for better cooking.

All in all, the features of the Wolfgang Puck Cookware are designed for easy and convenient cooking for beginners and new homemakers so they can confidently whip up dishes.

Wolfgang Puck Stainless Steel Cookware Set. Comes in 16-, 18-, and 20-piece edition sets, this stainless steel cookware set is one of the low-priced and professional-quality that comes a little above a hundred bucks. All designed with interior markings, this cookware set really makes cooking more accurate: all laser etched, the markings are helpful whenever you are pouring in the ingredients and taking in the proportions.

What's included: saucepan with colander and pour spouts, omelet pan, sauté pan, covered Dutch oven, stockpot, two types of turners, spoon, a whisk, and fork.

Wolfgang Puck Multi Cooker Set is perfect for new homemakers. This Multi Cooker Set is designed to take just about any cooking job possible like steaming vegetables, preparing stocks, boiling potatoes, and even tackling meats. All components have double riveted handles, making it competent to handle heavy duty boiling for pasta and preparing stock as base for heavy sauces.

What's included: stockpot, steamer basket, and pasta strainer.

Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite comes in its exclusive and professional-quality 30-piece set. The Bistro Elite offers full functional kitchen tools, accessories, and even serving pieces.

This Wolfgang Puck Cookware is designed to handle everyday cooking to tackling large groups.

What's included: omelet pans, sauté pans, stock pot, Dutch oven, saucepan, saucepot, Universal glass steamer, non-skid prep bowls, condiment set, and a 5-piece utensil set.