When October 31st rolls around each year, that's when most of us bring out our wild and crazy sides by dressing up in goofy, creative, classy or sexy Halloween costumes. Some of us go all out with the ideas for our disguises as we dress up as animals, popular movie or TV characters, animated or inanimate objects and even fictional creatures. Many of us are also looking to show off our creative costumes as we hit the hottest party or club event in town. Therefore it's important that we have the hottest, most original and perhaps sexiest costume we can find. Each year women try to go for that original look, trying to find a costume that no other females will be wearing. It can be a challenge, so in this article you'll find some womens Halloween costumes that you can consider for 2009.

When it comes to sexy womens Halloween costumes, there's many traditionally sexy outfits you could choose to go with. For example, there's the always hot French Maid or Nurse costume. There's also the sexy witch, pirate wench, cheerleader, referee and schoolgirl. You probably want something new and exciting though. Many of the previously mentioned costumes are way overdone, although they are always popular. If you show up to an event as any of those ideas, you might expect to see someone else in the exact some getup, and that's the last thing you want!

For 2009, there's several popular characters you might consider for your sexy Halloween costume ideas. A popular movie this past year was the new Johnny Depp gangster movie "Public Enemies". There's a sexy 30's inspired costume called "Machine Gun Molly". Pair up with a guy who dresses like Depp in the movie and you've got yourself one hot duo! If you want to go with another upcoming Depp movie, you might consider dressing as one of the sexy Alice in Wonderland costumes, which will were featured in the popular 3-D movie by Tim Burton. Alice and the Queen of Hearts will be red hot costumes which you may be the only female seen in at your event, so give it consideration!

There's plenty of other great women's Halloween costumes available that are both sexy and clever all at once. Basically, think of what's popular with TV, movies and pop culture and those will give you some great ideas for what to dress up as. The more original your costume, the more likely you are to be the one getting the most attention on Halloween night!