All About Women's NFL Clothing and Women's Football Fan Gear

NFL gear is among the world's most popular football fan equipment. You can find NFL gear like football fan clothing, NFL fan accessories like sunglasses, wallets and wall hangings, and even NFL office gear. However, NFL gear is no longer just a man's world anymore. Today you can find all kinds of great NFL gear for women and women's football fan clothing. These new women's football fan gear items all feature the same great heavy duty construction and official logo licensing from the National Football League, but they also feature special little touches of style that make them comfortable and fashionable enough for women to be excited by them.

What Kinds of Women's NFL Gear are Available?

The most popular category of NFL gear for women is women's football fan clothing. For example, one of the most popular and bestselling football items of all time, the classic NFL jersey, is now specially fitted for womens' bodies. You will find that the hem is taken in a bit around the mid-torso and extended outward around the hips and bust. You will find that most women's NFL gear is shaped in such a way, especially tops.

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Women's one shoulder NFL jerseys also show a special fashion flare - they only have one normal shoulder while the other is dropped way down to show a little skin but still be recognizable as classic NFL fan gear for wearing to games. Women's NFL t-shirts also follow the same general trend. Best of all, most womens NFL gear can be obtained in all sizes from petite to plus size.

Women's NFL gear is not only limited to clothing, however. Women's NFL jewelry is another popular category of football fan apparel and accessories for ladies. For example, you can get earrings that feature the logos of your favorite football team. You can also find bracelets, necklaces with football team logo pendants and even NFL toe rings.

Women's NFL gear is a great way to help your favorite female football fan to feel included in the fun. If there is a special lady you especially like taking to football games, let her know how you feel by getting her something that recognizes her need for style and her passion for football and rooting for the home team.

From NFL hats to women's NFL jerseys, to wearable blankets with arms, there is definitely something in the official NFL pro shop your special lady would love to receive as a surprise gift. Women's NFL gear is also a fantastic way to broach the subject of your own passion for football with your lady. Although the cliche is that women hate football and will never allow their men to enjoy their games, you can cross that supposed cultural barrier by giving your partner women's NFL gear to help her begin to gain interest in the game. Take her out to see the next big game and surprise her with a women's NFL jersey before you go, so she'll have a reason to get excited about cheering the home football team on from the stands.

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