First Class Women's Sunglasses

Sunglasses at first glance seems so simple and straight forward. Don't let that fool you. Sunglasses made by big name designers, can quickly become the most expensive accessory. One example of a very pricey pair of shades is the Dolce and Gabanna model with brown tinted lenses and gold frames and the designer logo on the side in diamonds. These exquisite sunglasses come in at just under 4000 dollars. Moss Lipow has a reputation worldwide for designing some of the most expensive sunglasses. However, among celebrities Georgio Armani seems to be the most popular. Chanel still has a place in the high end world. They just had to move over for some other names to join them.

Fendi makes a sleek and stunning pair with black lenses and black frames and rhinestones down the side. This particular pair come in at 1300 dollars. This is not however to count out Chanel or Marc Jacobs by any means. The rising star this year appears to be Juicy Couture. The pairs are rimless with adjustable nose and temple guards. Plus they are metal frames and made for women. Christian Dior also offers some gorgeous selections including a pair custom made for Jessica Alba.

Women's sunglasses for the upper class is nothing new but they are growing in popularity. One reason is that high end sunglasses offer more ultra violet protection for your eyes. It is important when purchasing a pair to consider protecting your eyes with polarized lenses. You should always get high quality shades that filter out UV sunlight. Cheap sunglasses often times can damage your eyes more by not filtering out ultra violet rays and just blocking light causing your iris to open and expose your eye to more ultra violet light. So if you can afford the best, buy the best. The second reason is that sunglasses are to the west coast what shoes are to the east coast. Everyone has the favorite accessory, for some it is purses others shoes and some people just love sunglasses. Buy what you love and your less likely to regret it later. Splurge a little and enjoy your knew sleek, functional and fashionable style.