The wedding is the most important day in a woman's life and the emotional significance of the day is sealed with a kiss and the wearing of the symbolic wedding bands. After the wedding rite and fun at the reception, the wedding things are stored but not the wedding rings, which are worn as symbols of love and marriage. Hence, a bride takes special care to choose the perfect wedding ring.

Different Types of Rings, Stones, and Metals

Wedding rings, particularly women's wedding bands come in different styles, gems, and metals starting with the classic gold and silver wedding bands to the nouveau ceramic, wooden, and titanium wedding bands. Gold and white gold are the preferred choices but tungsten, which is a hard metal and scratch resistant is making an impression in the wedding scene. Wooden rings with a solitary diamond are also top picks of the trendy set.

Wedding rings may have double bands, have curves, or have rounded edges for comfort fit. For the stones, diamonds will always be a favorite but there is an emerging demand for colored stones to match the engagement ring. Brides can choose rubies, pink and blue sapphires, and emeralds, or any other colorful stone to personalize her wedding ring.

Choosing Your Wedding Ring

When selecting your wedding ring there are things to consider such as your height, build, and coloring. For small build, smaller rings are recommended. Women with shorter fingers should opt for slim and simple rings. For those who have longer fingers or larger hands, they can handle elaborate wedding rings.

Try on a gold or platinum ring to check if it enhances your coloring. Your choice should also match the stone you choose. A gold ring will look divine with a solitary diamond; a slim band will do perfectly for smaller stones whilst a wider band can carry bigger stones well. A platinum or white gold band will perfectly frame tiny colored stones and bring out the shine of the colorful gems.

Another consideration is matching the wedding ring with the engagement ring. You can request the jeweler to align the looks of the wedding ring with your engagement ring so you can wear two well-aligned and coordinated rings. Since you will be wearing your wedding ring everyday, this should be coordinated with your every day jewelry - watch, earrings, and necklace.

The Cost of Wedding Rings

Women's wedding bands are priced according to the metal and stone/s used. Elaborate designs will surely cost more. However prices can range from under $100 to $5,000. Whatever the price tag, you can always choose a classy ring in the latest design and make.

Where to Buy Wedding Rings

The internet has made shopping for wedding rings easier. You can browse the offerings of different online merchants and visit their shops if you want a particular design but online shops offer you the chance to design your own ring online. With several stones and metals and designs you can design your own wedding ring and order it online.