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1.) Testosterone Levels – women have about 15 to 20 times less total testosterone than a man. This is the reason men are more equipped to build muscle. Testosterone also contributes to the growth of facial hair and deeper voices.

2.) Perception – women tend to believe that they will look like juiced up bodybuilders they see on television or magazine covers. They only look like this because their veins are full of extra juice from poking the needle around. This is why they look like a man, because they are pumping extra testosterone into their bodies.

3.) Toning – this is most likely to happen when you begin strength training. But, since there is not enough testosterone, your muscles will not become large in mass. Instead you will just remove the layer of fat blanketing the muscle.

4.) Volume of Work – you have to know what you are training for. Most women like to train with reps between 10 to 20 because they can feel a burn. This type of training promotes hypertrophy (muscle growth). A program built for strength contains less repetitions (4-6 reps) which will build more strength and minimize bulking

5.) Heavy Weights Promote Strength – when you lift weights at a range of 85-100% maximum effort, the stress from the load is placed on the body's nervous system and not the muscles. Strength increases neurologically. Heavy weight training is also good for the prevention of osteoperosis (very common in women) because it strengthens bones and increases bone density.

6.) You can't bulk overnight – it takes time to see results in any exercise regime. You will not get huge in one week of weight training. If you do, call me so we can make a lot of money.

7.) Personal Trainer is waste of money – if your not seeing results with your personal trainer, don't worry your not the only one. Sooner or later you will realize it is time to ditch him because doing all the easy simple exercises such as leg extensions, body weight squats, and ab roller crunches is only going to get you so far if anywhere at all. They want to keep the client happy and as long as your not complaining they have a safe job with you. Very few people want to work hard to receive results but that is the only way.

8.) Calorie Intake – it is common sense to say that if you are eating more calories than you are burning off, then you will gain weight. "Deadlifts don't bulk you up, it is the case of beer and Doritos on your kitchen table that is doing that for you.

9.) Freshman 15 is not from weight training – when an athlete comes to a new school, gaining 15 lbs of muscle in a few weeks from strength training would only be caused by performance enhancing drugs. It is possible to gain 15 lbs of fat when you cut your meal intake down to 1 or 2 meals a day slowing your metabolism then topping it off with 6 beers a night.

10.) Expert Advice – don't believe anyone unless you have proof that they have walked the walk. So many people will tell you what is right and what is wrong. Find a credible source and go from there. Talk to the people in the gym who are not just there everyday, but actually look in shape. I have seen people in the gym for a year at a time and no change in their body. Then again, they are the first one to give out advice about strength training and nutrition.