Women's jumpers come in many different materials these days. Depending on the season the woan wants to wear the jumper, she will find many different styles and materials to choose from. Below is information on the type of material and when the woman can best wear that material.


Cotton jumpers are one of the most comfortable items you can wear. While very popular during the summer, they can also be worn under heavier jackets in the winter. Since cotton is such a versatile material, the cotton jumper comes in all sorts of styles. They are short and long, they have short skirts or shorts. They also have plenty of different patterns that are both traditional and trendy, fun and flirty. Additionally, most little girls' jumpers also come in cotton since this material is one of the easiest for kids to wear and move around in.


The denim jumper is more traditional. The long jumper is oftentimes made of denim. The look is more conservative. In the 80's the denim jumpers used to look very close to overalls. However, very few jumper dresses or shorts are made of denim. Denim is great for all seasons, warm enough for winter, but not so hot that it can't be worn in the summer.


Corduroy, like denim, is oftentimes used for long jumpers. Little girl's jumpers are also made of corduroy as well. This material is much warmer and should be worn in the Fall and Winter.

Cashmere jumper

Cashmere jumpers are great for the winter. Some are jumper dresses and made to look more conservative. Others are a little more trendy. These jumpers are one of the warmest dresses that women can wear in the winter. Women can pair the cashmere jumper with a long sleeve shirt or a thin cashmere sweater. Below, they can wear black tights and boots to complete the look.


The jersey material has just recently been used to make jumpers. Primarily, it is used to make jumper shorts. This is a much more casual material and the jumper shorts are usually cute, but casual as well. Not many jumper dresses are made with this material. The best time to wear a jersey jumper is in the summer when the outfit is most appropriate.

The women's jumper is a fantastic item to wear all year round. Just make sure that you pick the right material for the right season, otherwise, it will be uncomfortable and will not work with that season.