Women - Plan the Ideal Fantasy Valentine's Day

You want a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day. He prefers staying in, and likes to BBQ. So how do you compromise and still have the best Valentine's Day while holding on to something romantic , fulfilling both of your desires? First, Valentine's Day is not all about the woman. Chivalry is not dead, but there is nothing that says women cannot plan an awesome, fantasy filled Valentine's Day that will leave her and him happy for weeks. Valentine's Day is not all about him, but if you want the best fantasy Valentine's Day ever, a day that you will both remember, then take on planning it yourself. Consider Valentine's Day as an evening that revolves around the things that he likes, in a way that satisfies you.

Get YOUR Best Valentine's Day Fantasy from Him

Too many women think that Valentine's Day is supposed to be planned by the man, the boyfriend, husband, or lover. Men are complicatedly simple. Even if they are great listeners, romantics, insightful lovers, and attentive, they are still wired differently than women. Despite women's wishes, men are not mind readers, so if you think he will surprise you with that perfect Valentine's Day gift, forget it. Expectations lead to disappointment. Communication is key to any good relationship. You can drop strong cues about what you want from him, but they should be strong enough that he is not put through a guessing game that can leave you both disappointed.

The one way to get your Valentine's Day desires met is to plan the day yourself. Instead of hoping for what you want, make it happen. Make Valentine's Day about the two of you, not just you. Plan the day ahead considering ideas that you both find special, whether this is food, drink, movies, special places, or things you enjoy together. The best Valentine's Day is the one that you plan with him in mind as much as yourself.

Here are a few Valentine's Day Fantasy Ideas to Spark Both of You:

  • Buy the prep for your favorite meal. Since he likes to BBQ then he gets to make dinner. There is one caveat, and that is that he is cooking in the outfit you choose for him. While men love to pick out lingerie for women, there are some hot and sexy underwear and outfits for men, too. Buy him a sexy apron to wear while he cooks you dinner. Buy him some sexy underwear like silk boxers shorts, heart boxers, and other hot underwear for him to wear while cooking for you.

  • Make a Valentine's Day ticket book. Long term couples usually know a feBook of 30 IOUs for Sensual Favorsw fantasies. Make a small booklet for him that offers different choices or options. Since only you know the things that please him the most you can fill out the book. Make one for you, too. If you want him to spend time massaging your back then ad that in the Valentine's Day ticket book. If you don't like the idea of a booklet then write the ideas on paper and randomly draw them. You can also add some extra fun by leaving a few pages blank and writing them together. There are plenty of great cheap erotic books you can get from Amazon, like the 30 IOUs for Sensual Favors, the best rated of the ticket books for couples.

  • Bubble baths with candles are always romantic. It is hard to find a woman who does not love a romantic bubble bath with her partner. If taking a bubble bath after dinner is something that both of you find enjoyable then do it. Use lots of candles to give the room a dimly lit but romantic light. Prepare for the bath ahead of time. There are all sorts of fun adult bath-toys that you can use. You should definitely add enticing essential oils.

  • Massage oil. Take turns massaging each other and let it lead where you two want. Have fun. Try something new. Many times women (and men) think that trying something "new" means getting all kinky, but you don't need to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. If his fantasy is something you are never going to do, fine. It works both ways. Trying something new can range from positions to clothing, taking charge or handing over the reigns, or simply opening up communication about what you like, want, or desire. The longer couples are together the better they should be able to move with each other, but this isn't always the case. Fight the awkward by making the night equal. Plan a fantasy night. Buy sexy lingerie for you and sexy silk boxers for him (or whatever YOU think makes him look sexy). Try the furry hand cuffs or new adult toys. Make sure the night is equally planned, that you both try something new or fulfilling for your partner. Sometimes the expectations fall on women to "open up" when they are usually holding back on telling him what she really wants. Let the night go where it may.

Fantasy Valentine's Day:

Adjust the Valentine's day fantasy as necessary. Of course, not all ideas will work for everyone. The idea is to think outside the heart shaped box this Valentine's day. These ideas are also great for anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's day, and Father's day, too. Valentine's day should not be the only day out of the year to plan a special evening. If he is not the type of guy who thinks and plans ahead of time, for whatever reasons, you can head off your disappointment by planning the romance yourself. The idea is to come up with an outline for a romantic day and night that both of you will enjoy. Sometimes women just need to take control and make their romance happen.

Of course, if you are in a lesbian, gay, or bisexual relationship then the same applies to you. If you expect her to buy you a gift, or him to plan everything, because those are the roles you have adopted, switch. Women look sexy in silk boxers. Surprise your woman with a night that she wont forget.

Happy Valentine's day.