Hair Problem Women

Although hair loss is a phenomenon more common in men than in women, this problem is growing at a pace that is alarming in women. Hair loss in women is often the result of adjustments in the balance typical or hormonal deficiency in nutrition. The main reason leading to premature hair fall in women is the presence of an excess of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a compound that is classified as androgens. When diagnosed, the individual will have to undergo treatments that reduce levels of DHT in women in order to promote re-growth of lost hair and as a means of preventing hair loss as well. 

Control of women's hair loss 
There are a number of alternatives to cope with the loss of hair issues. In order to stabilize hormone levels, the solutions can be applied as follows: 

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Nizoral Shampoo: Nizoral shampoo is also included in the list of solutions for hair loss in women. Often fungal infection identified in the scalp and dandruff are the main causes of receding hair lines. Some studies have indicated that Nizoral shampoo has the ability to stop the problems associated with dandruff and promote the prevention of loss of hair as well. In addition, increased testosterone levels among the leading causes of hair loss in women. The key ingredient known as ketoconazole is contained in the shampoo Nizoral. Ketoconazole inhibits the fusion of testosterone, which helps in increasing hair density. For all purposes, this shampoo is able to positively impact the growth of hair. Nizoral shampoo is one of the best solutions for hair loss in women and nourishes the scalp in the process. 

Drug Minoxidil (Rogaine) is a nonprescription medicine that has to be very effective. This medication is administered prior to patients with high blood pressure in the form of a tablet. However, a number of patients taking minoxidil have reported regrowth of hair. Therefore, powerful studies were conducted and found that the application of minoxidil into the scalp in its liquid form has the ability to promote hair regrowth in women who are experiencing hair loss patterns. The side effects are related to minoxidil are few and mild and disappear without any medical treatment. Best of all, the two percent minoxidil hair loss control has be approved by the Food and Drug Administration and a number of dermatologists to use it as a treatment for the problem of hair loss in women.