Home-based and Internet-based businesses are more accessible to more people than ever before.  The exciting part is that with the economy in a slump, more people are willing to take the risk of starting their own businesses.  So even though some people complain about hard times, those of us who see the glass as half full realize that these “hard times” are making it more reasonable for us to pursue something that we always wanted to do (but didn't quite make sense when we were pulling in good incomes from regular, traditional jobs).

If you are a woman, the prospects are even more exciting.  Lots of home-based jobs that wouldn't appeal to men could be right up your alley.  Here are a few of the ideas that may appeal to you ladies looking to earn your incomes from the security and comfort of home.  The possibility of staying at home to be with your children while still contributing to the household is closer than ever.

Home Sales Critical

Home selling and direct sales has been around for decades as an opportunity for women to make an income while technically staying home.  Of course, in the past, before the computer age, women had to go door to door or visit homes to put on parties or shows.  While these are still options, you also have the option of selling products online.Home Based Leads

The key to successful selling is representing a product that you are interested in, use yourself, believe in, and enjoy.  If you love spending time in the kitchen, Pampered Chef or Tupperware will feel very comfortable to you.  Girly girls will be happiest selling cosmetics through Avon, Mary Kay, or BeautiControl; jewelry from Premier and Silverado; or purses like those by Thirty One.  Those who love their home environments will enjoy selling candles (PartyLite) or decorative items (Home Interiors).

Administrative Work

Clerical jobs are becoming easier to perform from home.  With an Internet connection and phone service, you can communicate with a supervisor almost as often and as easily as you would in a traditional office setting.  For this reason, some people are choosing to hire virtual assistants.  You can actually work as a secretary or administrative assistant for a boss whom you may never meet face to face.  You can find many of these types of jobs available online by searching for women home based business leads or work-at-home jobs for moms.

Child Care

One obvious opportunity on any woman's list of legit work from home jobs is caring for other children in your home.  If you really enjoy being a mother and have a childproof environment, many working mothers would love to find a reliable, trustworthy caregiver who won't take their entire paycheck.  You should have patience and attentiveness; love and understanding; good teaching skills; and most importantly, you should very much like children.  This sounds obvious, but the sad truth is that many child care workers are not people with whom you would want your children to be spending time.