Pain Relief Strategy

Avoid Surgery When Possible

Are you a woman that is suffering from lower back discomfort?

Do you want to finally do something about it?

1.) Pain Relief Can Be Yours

Having back pain issues is a very common occurrence and it is reported to be the second most common reason for medical visits to a person's physician. If you are a female with lower back pain, then this can be a very serious condition and there is a large amount of misinformation on the topic. - This free information can help you reduce discomfort in your lower spine.

2.) Reasons Why Men and Women Get Back Pain

If you are a female with lumbar or sacral back pain then you already know that it can strike women in very different ways. Many men report this pain at work.  The discomfort often comes from doing strenuous work from their job, such as manual labor from doing construction or moving various objects. For women, the causes can also being doing manual labor, but the most common reasons are being overweight, being on menstruation cycle, or having improper posture.

Another very common reason that women get back pain is because they are doing repetitive motion jobs that can strain the lower back. The most common example of this is if working at a desk or counter where you are slouching or arching the back forward. Years of doing this can strain the lower spine and the surrounding spinal elements. This kind of posture can cause a lot of pain and soreness in the lower or upper back region. - Sometimes, the root of the pain can be caused by something simple like having an uncomfortable or broken mattress or something serious like a disease such as Osteoarthritis. - Finally, one cause of female lower back pain is not exercising or moving the body enough. Living an inactive lifestyle can weaken your back and leave your susceptible to back problems. If you have chronic back problem, you should consult your physician as this may stem from a serious condition.

3.) Symptoms

The symptoms of back discomfort however are very similar to male lower back pain. The most common symptom is pain in the lower area of your back that may continue to your legs. Also, sitting down into a chair or bed my further your back problems and cause a pain that seems to be off the charts! Many women who have issues with lower back discomfort claim that the pain gets worse at night or when completing lifting or strenuous activities. In some cases, you may have issues with back spasms, which is when your muscles in your spine contract spontaneous and pain shoots through your lower back.

Women aged thirty to fifty are most likely to have some sort of lower back issue. If you have female lower back pain and it is affecting your day to day activities, there are ways to help soothe the pain and improve your life.

4.) Pain Relief Options

One very helpful treatment option that people do not always think of first is the use of a lower back support. Sometimes, men and women might not even consider using a back support, but they should. Why? Using the right kind of quality brace can be very helpful in reducing your back problems, improving your posture and reminding you not to make movements that will further your back pain problems. Moreover, these braces do no have to be big and bulky. If you think they are, then consider the fact that back brace companies would be out of business a long time ago, if the support that they provide was not easily hidden by a t-shirt.