Women have come a long way. From the days when a woman’s place was in the home yet there is still much work to be done. There must be endless more women at the top brass in every corporate setting. However, the onus rests squarely in the minds and energy of a large mass of the female population in order to thrust their way through to make an imprint upon the corporate world changing for the better once more the history of women. A rotation to the norm of women in leadership in every conceivable corporate atmosphere there is.

A study conducted on gender and leadership shows that women possess leadership qualities that are associated with success. Women are more transformational that men. They care more about developing those they lead. They are better listeners therefore more inspirational. And when it comes to morality they do better than the men. So why are there more men in leadership positions than women? The answer is that women have to overcome the obstacle of the status quo image of a leader being a male.

 Here are some tips to help get you to the top:

  1. Negotiate your salary. The men do about four times as often as women. When negotiating your salary your mindset should be of one playing a game to win, not one dreading to play because there is a losing chance.
  2. Ask for a promotion if you believe you have earned it. Present your case giving reasons why you should have it.
  3. Be ready at all times to take the initiative when opportunities are presented, let your actions show that your initiative benefits the company and you will be noticed.
  4. Volunteer. What you do with your heart never goes unnoticed. When a request for volunteering is made jump at the opportunity. Also a great way to get noticed by the decision makers where you work is to volunteer at a given opportunity to work with those in positions over you.
  5. Be Persistent in what you do. Your work will make room for you.
  6. Be Perceptive. You may just have the answer to what they are looking for.
  7. Women are great at improvising. Their ability to come up with innovative solutions to problems when they improvise is remarkable.
  8. Be Resourceful. Let the head honchos see that you are an asset to the company.
  9. Empathize. Women you are nurturers at heat. This shows that you care about others and want to see them succeed; their success is the company’s success.
  10. Become a carbon copy. Watch what others do effectively, and copy it.
  11. Be an effective communicator. Share your accomplishments and achievements with trustworthy associates who would want to see you succeed.
  12. Ask for help. Women are great at asking for help more than men do.
  13. Develop proper work ethics.  

There is a place for innovative and dynamic female leaders in every position there are known to man. Virtuous women can change the face of the earth from the bedroom to the boardroom without comprise doing so in love, with integrity. The question to be asked at this time is, are you such a leader? If yes, then become all that you were created to be for such a time as this.