There are countless nuances, with regards to women. almost all men wonder about some of the mysteries. Though there are enough metro-sexual males nowadays who are vain as well, there is still a big slice of the male gender that has no inkling about the difference between blush or lipgloss, a skort and a shirt blouse, or why females carry compact mirrors along.

Because guys can live outside their apartments daily, carrying only their money with them (ok, sometimes a wallet), it is an enigma for most of them, why women need to bring a handier version of the looking glass they have in their place, in their purses.

Females carry compact mirrors because they want to easily check their looks. During the day, some women re-touch their face or re-style their coiffures lots of times. While bathrooms offer those sizeable mirrors by the doors, compact mirrors ascertain that handy mirror anytime and anywhere. Just a quick peek and you will be able to see that green leavy thing lodged between your pearly whites, or if your mascara blurred (better use the waterproof kind).

After eating, those unseemly things stuck in your pearlies can promptly be undone once they are spotted in the compact mirror.

Even during the visit to the washroom or the bathroom, compact mirrors are still utilized by women (again, even with those enormous mirrors already there). Girls need compact mirrors to get that close-up glance when putting on eye shadow or liner in the eyes, or applying lipstick with a spongetip. Holding the compact mirror near the face can offer a more detailed view, thus better make-up application for the lady.

Maybe a really helpful use for a compact mirror, as some have observed in Hollywood movies, is looking at the gentleman behind you with your compact mirror. Pretend to be looking at a feature in your face with the mirror, then slowly adjust it to your side, and voila! You can see the man behind you secretly. If you like what you see, then perhaps you can shift the compact back to yourself and preen before you go up to the guy (or vice –versa).

Compact mirrors can be found in hundreds of styles and even varying sizes. While some may fit in a fist, others are larger while a few are as little as a keychain ornament. What's vital is that such handy mirrors give the feeling and perceived safety of having a 'trusted' friend who shows you (literally) anything not quite right with the picture.

Not only small and easy to carry along, compact mirrors are also affordable and easy to find. They're sold everywhere! You can even purchase them at your local grocer or drug store.

Vanity mirrors are a useful item for girls to possess while not at home. Females also go outside of their places prepared with vanity sets and assorted other things. Be it as a security blanket or exclusively for looks, compact mirrors will remain as long as girls have to go outside of their houses.